Friday, July 27, 2012

Salvia X Files: "The Matrix Uncovered"


FrenchMachine clued me in on a couple of trip reports involving wheels and doppelgangers. Especially vivid is FunkMasterShroom's report. It opens up a world only salvianauts have ever experienced. I can't think of anyone with the same level of Frenchy's exploratory zeal. Also, he is the first person I know of who posted about wheels/gears being tended by salvia beings.

Here is a snippet from one of his old posts:

"So now I'm staring THROUGH my room which is now completely flat & see through…and on the other side of this I see the same fucking thing that I have been seeing for quite some time now. I SEE ROWS OF THESE TURNING/ROTATING GEARS/WHEELS AND A BUNCH OF THE SAME EXACT BEINGS/PEOPLE DOING SOMETHING. I cant tell if these Beings/People are operating the wheels & making them turn or if they are watching over them, but whatever it is they are definitely doing something. It’s like they are doing some kind of work. I cannot stress enough that these Beings/People are exactly the same every time I see them".

Wheels are a common theme in salvia induced visuals. The wheel phenomenon is probably why many users of salvia describe a “carnivalesque” type of sensation. I have also experienced the wheel visual. While tripping I often found my hyper-spacial self being rapidly whisked around and around. It felt like being inside a tornado, inside a hurricane – a hallucinogenic, rotating, circular behemoth containing linear spokes composed of CADlike humanoids (as if created with a computer aided design program). I still don't understand the reason for the appearance of the humanoids -- molded together like paper dolls.

The following two trip reports give compelling suggestions as to what might be occurring in an individual human being's existential life. The similar scenarios shine a fascinating and bizarre light on these structurally engineered, hyper dimensional wheels.

Both reports also mention being “squished”. I have experienced on many occasions my fleshly existence being forcefully flattened down into a topographical sense of awareness locked in between a system of layer-worlds.

Here is the first trip report from Anonymous that FM linked.
(with some grammar corrections)

"I loaded the bong full of this salvia, took as big of a rip i could...held it for as long as i could...and then it set in. 

It was at the time, I felt like i was in a different world of the living. It was controlled by a man, this man was the god of this world. It had nothing but a lot of these rotating circles. The world was white, no colors in the distance, just white. I noticed that if I looked closer at these rotating circles, they had people attached covering the edges to roll on these people as if there was a human stamp/wheel. There were that meant there were 10 people on these rotating circles. I looked closer, and it was 10 separate people identical to me. It felt like I was being squished, and almost like the edging or outline of my body, was being ripped off, and regrown as if it was being duplicated. Sure enough I was a whole army of me, being duplicated out of these 10 me as a first person view this time (it was third person up until now) and needless to say, I felt like I was stuck here, like a white oblivion created by this "god or ruler" of this world. I asked "what are you doing? Who are you?" No this time, i was coming down off the trip..but I was still seeing a lot of craziness. It was starting to speed up, but then started to be a flip picture book of this white oblivion, and I heard the guy say "This is my world, how did you get here...You're not meant to be here!" and I was on the sidewalk, laying down.

My friends were looking at me like I was crazy. I asked them "What the hell guys....what the fuck just happened?" They all told me I was in the car, then outside of the car, and started to yell "WHAT THE FUCK!" at the top of my lungs, even to the point of where spit was flying from my mouth. They also said my face turned bright red. Right after that, I was sitting in the car. We drove around to get some a/c. I was truly robbed of my peace of mind. But if that wasn't enough, I hit some more salvia an hour after this. I hit it twice, and nothing new world...I just kept thinking about my previous trip, the sounds I heard, the feelings, and the thoughts I had, what was happening in this new found place? What was the guy doing? Who was he. Nothing from this experience could be explained. I still want answers. So before you think of trying salvia, you might want to reconsider it, because I know I was far from mentally prepared for this…"

Interesting so far? Now here’s FunkMasterShroom's report.

(snip) with paragraph breaks and some grammar corrections

“Now, I placed what I thought was a small amount of 20x extract into my bong, mixed with a little bit of a JWH018 smoking blend, and ripped one fat hall off it, to do a small tester dose. 

Next thing I know, I'm blasted into full salvia land. But it was lagged, like I would progress through the experience, but be lagging behind somehow, then suddenly catch up; and I/it would lag again, and catch up, and so on.
But by contrast, it seemed to be fluid at the same time. Very strange, and difficult to explain.

Now, as I feel the familiar taste, and smell, and sensations of pressure, and stretching through my body, the reality around seemed to freeze. This reality and I were almost as if between reality. 
To the left of me near the door of my apartment, (I was on the living room couch), suddenly a Zipper unfolds.. Literally, a zipper in the fabric of this reality. And out through this zipper stepped two of my best friends, Shae25 here on the shroomery, and his gf, though I somehow knew it wasn’t really them. It was other beings, and they were using these forms at the moment. For my ease/familiarity, or what, idono? They both walked up to me with large grins on their faces, but a strange almost regretful look in their eyes. During this the lag-catch-up process was still happening, I believe this was due to the DXM.

Anyway, I had the most terrible feeling that something was wrong (as I often do with Salvia, not to mention a painful sensation horizontally through my face, and my waist), and A(shae's gf) started to speak to me. Saying something along the lines of "Oh, look, you smoked salvia again, we didn't expect you to do this. Don't you remember what happens? Now we have to go through all this again."

As she said this, I couldn’t find myself able to speak, but somehow I was communicating with them telepathically. And they convinced me somehow that I had to leave now. I didn't understand what that meant, but suddenly they showed me all the different frames of myself in the now moment. I could see all the different moments of me stretching off behind into the past, and way off in front of me into the future. I was looking at it from a 3rd/part perspective, and there I was sitting on the couch, with all these other moments of me going off through the walls into the past and future(what I'd consider to be depth-perception of the 4th dimension) . As I was observing this, I focused in on the person 3 moments behind where I was when I just entered this Salvia realm, and A suddenly told me that they would switch the present me, with the 3rd me 3 moments earlier. 

I didn’t quite grasp what all this meant at the time, but suddenly I was back in 1st/person perspective. Shae/A turned to their right, and this giant turning wheel/cog came up out of reality into my living room. It was covered in bodies; my bodies, all wearing different outfits, a huge collection of me's piled together into this gigantic wheel. Shae/A(the beings) looked at the wheel and it rolled (like the giant wheel on the price is right), and they scanned through the bodies a bit, before stopping, and then levitated one of the me's from the wheel down next to me. At this point I was feeling my body a lot more, and It felt like my legs were stuck inside the floor/couch. I couldn’t move my lower half, and could barely move my arms, but I could look around easily enough. I felt trapped though, and it was painfully so. 

As they summoned this other me next to me, he was in a catatonic like state, but was standing, and gently came out of it. He looked at me, and smiled and said Hi, and I looked back to Shae/A and they kinda smiled and shrugged. There was a very carnival-esc feeling, but with a nightmarish undertone. Big grins and smiling faces, but dark and menacing feelings in my gut/intuition.. 

I then began to shift to my left, and slide over towards the wheel. I suddenly got even more scared, because I wasn’t ready to leave, I didn’t even know what was going to happen. They kind of said goodbye, and just plainly watched me shift over (my legs still paralyzed feeling, I was trying to get up and stop myself) with smiles on their faces, that weird regretful look in their eyes (except the other me, I looked kinda confused, and waved at me.) Just before I was about to go into the bottom of the giant body wheel, I managed to lift my arms up, and actually open my mouth to speak. It felt as though I was sinking into a catatonic like state, like what the other me was in before he came off the wheel. 

I asked out loud "What's going to happen to me!?" with and intense feeling of fear and regret for putting myself into this position (I had totally forgotten I had smoked saliva, and this all seemed vividly real, if not at all normal.)
I was sort of shifted into and under the wheel, like on a conveyor belt, and as I went under it all went black. Light appeared again, and I was in a small and yet giant square room, with other bodies of me packed onto the walls, and ceiling. There was one of me hanging from the ceiling from his waste as well, smiling down at me, with a look of "You-know-what’s-coming."

In the background outside this room, i could hear huge crashing noises, that were getting closer and closer, and it suddenly dawned on me, that I was in a crushing room: rooms where people go to be squished into liquid. I looked to either side of me down this room, and the walls were doing the horror-movie-hall-stretch thing, and I knew they were about to close in on me any moment. I looked up at the ceiling me, and said something like "Oh so this is what happens, you die(or something.. whatever just happened to me, like I said, i forgot i smoked salvia) and the 'higher' dimensional beings just squish you into nothingness.. Wonderful." 

I was filled with horror, fear, and then a wave of acceptance came over me, because I knew I was stuck, and there was no way out. I said goodbye to all my loved ones, and waited, watching suddenly as the walls started rushing towards me. 

Just as the walls closed in, all went black, and after a moment I was standing in my living room again. I WAS NOW THE OTHER ME THAT THEY PICKED OUT!... I could barely believe it. I was this new(old from the past) me, and had the memory of the last me just being squished and all that. It was dramatically flabbergasting. Shae/A then told me that I had to try and fit back into the right spot, before I did the trip. I then suddenly saw the 4D expression of all the other me's stretching out into the past and future, and I felt myself (remember noclipping from FPS?) go through the wall behind my couch, and try to hover/fly into the exact spot so I could return to reality. 

Now this is where it got really painful, as I was starting to come back to this reality, but was somehow unable to fit right into the proper frame/position. It was exceedingly painful throughout my entire body, but particular in my lower back and my lower face; again like a horizontal line of pain in both places.

Finally I strained and pushed, and made my way into the right spot, and the time freeze left, and I looked around and noticed I didn’t even see Shae/A leave. But they were gone, and the zipper opening was gone as well.
Due to the DXM I kept having the lag effect, where I would fall back into the whole experience over and over and stay stuck in it for a few moments, before snapping back out. This was very much like vividly reliving a memory. It was strange, and I was remembering that I had just smoked salvia, and it made me feel like I couldn’t quite get myself back to normal.. Again the DXM- which I also just remembered I was on.”---


^^Pretty intense salvia trip. No wonder some people freak out while smoking salvia.

Salvia has given us a rare glimpse at a mechanical system within hyperspace that is somehow constantly replicating different versions of humans tripping on salvia (to be selectively sent back to the material world). Doppelgangers are all q'ed up as if on an assembly line. These two reports (like others I have read) give us a sense of the panic that trippers feel while struggling to find their true place in the doppelganger sequence chain. Who knows if we are the same person we were before the trip began? Perhaps we die and are born again and again and again.

Also, this fits in nicely with the ‘simulation’ hypothesis. Perhaps people tripping on salvia are able to scope-out the Matrix; and by scoping-out the Matrix, they inevitably meet up with the operator/operators of the simulation/Matrix.

These are just two reports. You could probably find twenty more similar reports on the internet.

For an alternative explanation of the doppelgangers, Google "redgreenvines frame stacking".

Later, salvia brothers and sisters.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gone in Sixty Seconds

Consensus Man walked into his bathroom and turned on the light. His pipe and lighter had already been placed on the sink counter. He reached over and ran some water into a glass and placed it next to the lighter.

Consensus Man had been through this ritual many times before. He preferred to smoke in the bathroom where he could separate the smoke from the rest of his apartment. All he had to do was concentrate on walking the twenty five feet to his recliner.

Raising the glass to his mouth, he swallowed a quick gulp or two of cool water. He then reached for the pipe and lit the crushed salvia extract with his lighter.

<-60 sec> He drew the smoke in and watched the tiny embers flash orange in the pipe’s bowl.

<-54 sec> Consensus Man then flicked on the ceiling exhaust fan. The sound of the spinning blades felt reassuring as he stood there counting off the seconds.

<-31 sec> Feeling somewhat be-zoned, he tilted his head upwards and exhaled the smoke, watching it quickly disappear into the exhaust duct.

<-23 sec> He reached for the water, and while bringing the glass to his lips, he could distinctly see a row of cartoon faces reflecting off its curved inner surface. He now knew that the salvia was coming on strong and he needed to hurry up and get to his recliner before he froze in place.

<-12 sec> Consensus Man then turned around to exit the bathroom. His heart was beginning to beat faster, and he noticed that his legs felt wobbly. He was also getting the strange impression that the bathroom's ceiling was unscrewing from the rest of the bathroom like a bottle cap.

<-9 sec> Turning off the light and ceiling fan, he started to concentrate hard on keeping it together long enough to make it to his living room.

<-7 sec> Now walking down the hallway, he felt as if someone from above was manipulating his arms and wobbly legs. Soon he began to stumble forward like a spastic marionette.

<-5 sec> Only ten more feet to go. Consensus Man eyeballed the recliner with his right eye and eyeballed the last remaining wall light switch with his left eye.

<-3 sec> He swiped his arm at the light switch and suddenly everything became night. What used to be a maroon colored recliner was now a slightly rotating set of cobalt blue afterimages engulfed in blackness.

<-2 sec> He made his way through the darkness like a foreign body being pulled by gravity.

<-1 sec> Reaching out his hands, he felt the soft cushions of the recliner’s arm rests.

< 0 sec> Finally falling into the chair, Consensus Man closed his eyes and he was gone.


<+1 sec> Retinal Boy awakened from his dream and felt the recliner’s cushion underneath his arms. The recliner felt a bit electrified and hard. He thought to himself, “This feels more like a seat in a carnival ride than a chair.”

<+6 sec> Suddenly he lurched forward and downward, breaking through the virtual floor of his conventional world and into the other side of reality.

<+11 sec> Grasping onto what seemed like arm rails, he stared through his closed eyes at the scene in front of him. In the area around his feet he could see tiny Gumby and Pokey characters from the old stop motion animated TV show. He watched as their arms and legs stretched out like taffy, entwining around and around into long rope-like tracks.

<+17 sec> Retinal Boy looked around and saw that he was firmly attached to a large roller coaster type of structure. It was made entirely of Gumby and Pokey characters, their faces popping in and out of the roller coaster’s twists and turns.

<+23 sec> The roller coaster was rapidly carrying Retinal Boy closer and closer to what looked like a revolving door. Instead of having four compartments separated by ninety degrees of open space, this revolving door had 360 compartments with only one degree of separation. He then became aware that the revolving door was displaying portals to 360 separate realities.

<+30 sec> Coming closer, Retinal Boy noticed that each rotating door resembled a red picket fence radiating outwardly. He quickly became concerned that he was going to crash into it.

<+36 sec> The roller coaster brought him even closer, and Retinal Boy realized that each picket fence was actually red wooden warriors standing side by side, their emotionless faces pointing straight ahead. He braced for impact and the red warriors reacted quickly, gently catching him like a soft glove.

<+42 sec> The red warriors began shape shifting all around him. At first chaotic, the scene started to regain some order, and the red warriors attached together forming two large arms. Looking further, Retinal Boy could see a torso leading to a neck and on to the smooth lower curve of a face.

<+45 sec> He now knew what was appearing before him……
a girl with salvia-scope eyes (sung in a dreamy John Lennon voice).

<+49 sec> Her body made of red warriors, she held the frame of a painting in her left hand. In her right hand she grasped Retinal Boy as if he were a tube of paint. She began to squeeze Retinal Boy until quivering, gelatinous colors started streaming out of his brain. Like tiles being blown from the roof of his mind, they flowed toward the expansively empty space within the painting.

<+56 sec> Retinal Boy watched the gel-like space in the painting begin to fill up with his multitudinous brain tiles. He was beginning to understand what the painting was trying to convey, but before he totally figured it out, BEFORE HE FINALLY UNDERSTOOD THE EVASIVE SECRET
...his brain was completely sucked dry...

<+60 sec> Retinal Boy’s eye lids quickly became opaque, and he was gone.
Moments later... Consensus Man AWAKENED from his dream and slowly opened his eyes.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Lady Salvia's Neighborhood

My neighbors and I live between Hustle and Bustle, two towns separated by a hilly outgrowth of tall trees and snuggled-in homes. Our street is a cul-de-sac that we call ‘Psychedelic Circle’. It’s a tiny community unlike anything you have ever seen.

A few moments ago, I was gazing in the direction of my next door neighbor’s porch. Suddenly, a large wet tongue protruded out the front door carrying my neighbor to the mail box. She was actually standing on the tip of a wet, pink tongue. In her left hand was a glass water pipe. Pulling in a lungful of smoke, she glanced over at me with a knowing look of recognition. And then, just as suddenly as it appeared, the wet tongue retracted backwards into her front door, carrying the lady and her mail.

Simultaneously, across the street from her, ‘Checkers’ was patrolling his front lawn, occasionally sniffing the ground in front of his nose. He had the appearance of a two dimensional red and black checkerboard. He was only three inches wide, but his other dimensions were normal.
Checkers sped up to me and panted, “I think it’s 428 feet.”
“What’s 428 feet?”, I asked.
“The circumference of our cul-de-sac. Two times Pi times the radius equals the circumference.” Checkers then stiffened up and stared off at nothing in particular. After a few seconds, a steaming little loaf of shit exited his hinder.
Eyeing him with a look of contempt, I said, “Really, was that necessary?”
He responded, “What…? I’m a dog!”
Checkers then turned up his nose, twirled 195 degrees to the left, stopped, adjusted 15 degrees to the right, and pranced away.

The other neighbors were already beginning to congregate on Terence McKenna’s front lawn. People of all ages were passing around pipes, and the aroma of cannabis, incense and peppermints punctuated the air. Every Saturday as the sun was going down, the ghost of Terence McKenna would walk out onto his front porch and sit in a rocking chair. He would then speak eloquently about all things cosmic. He had a remarkable voice. It resonated out of his translucent mouth and nose, drifting across the cul-de-sac. Sometimes, when the stars came out, and if you were in the right frame of mind, you could see photons streaming down onto the roof of Terence’s house; photons from a light source far away; shimmering echoes reverberating from the transcendental object at the end of time.

Directly opposite McKenna’s house was a strange and mysterious residence. It was a dome-like dwelling with an exterior framework made of what looked like stick-figure humanoids. Connected together by reaching out to one another, these humanoids resembled reinforcing iron rods. But they weren’t made of iron. Rather, they were part of a root system that snaked upwards from the ground, enveloping the entirety of the dome‘s surface. Filling in the gaps between the root latticework were large, organic flower petals.

A door composed of wood imported from Oaxaca, Mexico slowly opened. The humanoid root system covering the house displayed a kind of reverence as Lady Salvia exited the door into her yard. She had golden brown hair that spiraled down past her shoulders. In her hand was an old fashioned can with a curved spout. Walking to the center of her yard, she tilted the can, allowing rivulets of water, the color of diamonds, to flow into the ground.

Almost immediately, the far end of Lady Salvia’s front yard began to shake violently. The ground unzipped. And then, as if on cue, Mazatec ancestors rocketed from the underworld, rising like bursts of lava into the sky.


Sometimes the people of Hustle and Bustle would talk about observing strange sights, but they never suspected it all originated from our hidden away cul-de-sac that we lovingly called ‘Lady Salvia's Neighborhood’.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Trippin Thru 2012 With Salvia (6-22-12)

D.M. Turner (born Joseph Vivian; 5 October 1962 - 31 December 1996) was an author, psychedelic researcher and psychonaut who wrote two books on psychoactives and entheogens. His book, The Essential Psychedelic Guide contains Turner's views on the subjective effects of various psychoactive and hallucinogenic mind-altering substances. His second book, Salvinorin addresses the effects of Salvia divinorum. Turner died after injecting an unknown quantity of ketamine while in a bathtub,[1] presumably drowning while incapacitated by the effects of the drug.--Wikipedia

D.M. Turner wrote a book that's available for download or viewing on the internet.
Here is the link.

He touches on just about everything you need to know about salvia divinorum. He has included 12 of his own salvia trips, many combined with LSD. Also included is the first human use of salvinorin alpha. (Daniel Siebert, 1993).


18x -- two hits

(first hit of 18x)
Where am I?
Holy Shit. It pays to smoke in the dark. You can see the visuals trailing off your retinal cups, your retinal flower cups.

Retinal flower cups staring outwardly across the darkness of space.
Retinal flower cups watching the monstrosity rotating into view.
Retinal flower cups connecting to the gelatinous structure spinning previous realities away from you.
Retinal flower cups attaching like neuronal vines to previous worlds twisting away from your hallucinating mind, previous worlds tripping with color, previous worlds sliding to the other side of your material location within safety and habit.

You see. That’s what it’s really about. All you fuckers passing the pipe around, regurgitating eloquent theories about the nature of salvia reality…ALL THE WHILE YOUR GELATINOUS, CGI BODIES REMAIN ATTACHED TO THE ROTATING SALVIA STRUCTURE----

THE ROTATING SALVIA STRUCTURE CONTAINS ALL OF US, as our bodies expand into and contract out of previous versions of our own selves, previous versions of our own homes, previous versions of our own neighborhoods. We are all on a salvia carnival ride and we don’t even know it.

There I was sitting in the dark, my material body firmly planted into its Lazy Boy chair. Surrounding me was the ground of blackness. Surrounding me was the wall of silence.

I took a puff of salvia extract. For the first few seconds, I could feel my heart tightening up, but it wasn’t severe. And then I saw what I’ve seen on previous salvia trips--- the rotating monstrosity. An encompassing, quasi-organic monstrosity containing all living things and all non-living things. A gelatinous salvia wheel with purple-green spokes, radiating from a central hub-like mass, composed of interconnecting peoploids stretching forth into life and then compressing back into flat lifelessness.

(second hit of 18x)
Everything was interconnected, a pratitya samutpada of black licorice spider legs, of self-transforming cartoon faces maDe Of pIXIie dUST…WOW EMTRIPPIBF NOR,,MY FINGWRA UHHH THERE ARE SRTREAEMS OF COLORS LIFTING OFF OOF THIS KEYBORD……SHIT MY HEART HURTS. MY WHOOOOEEE CRAP ok caps off wow. There are colors cascading off the rims of my reading glasses. Shit.

Wow, my body is like some rocket ship surrounded by a fog of grey light. Speaking of spokes, I AM a spoke, some sort of rubbery wooden spoke in a rotating wagon wheel. CLIPPITY CLOP CLIPPITY CLOP.
“Howdy Pardner. Do you know where I can find Salvia City? You see, my horse and eye were walking along this dirt road in the middle of nofuckingwhere when suddenly the two of us, me n’ my horse, were flipped around and around by an approaching dust devil made out of tiny, dancing, red gingerbread men. Golly, I was so scared, I thought I was gonna shit my pants. Well, my horse, he did go and shit his pants, ceptin’ he weren't wearing no pants.”

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Trippin Thru 2012 With Salvia (6-6-12)

10x -- 1 hit

OK…….Well, Ha Ha.
It only took me fore-fucking-ever to get hold of my netbook. Jeez, I just stood there in the dark holding it in my hand. I was afraid I was going to keel over and crash into my TV set.

Shit. I knew this was gonna be an intense trip from the get go. I was out in a matter of seconds. I’m sure the first few moments of my visuals were incredible. Too bad it’s all forgotten.

I remember that my heart was pounding. It wasn’t speeding up. It was slowing down.

Pah fump--Pah fumppp---Pah fumppppp.

I began to consider my afterlife. I was looking at my afterlife. My heart was breaking. The whole long daisy chain of heartbeats was coming to an end after all these many years.

Pah fumpppppppp------Pah fumppppppppppppppppppp.

I could see these black spider men all connected together inside my darkened field of vision. These black spider men were all hunched over, all intertwined, all connected together, ALL WAITING FOR MY FUCKING HEART TO STOP. They were waiting for me to die, to pass over into the afterlife.

Damn. As much as I would like to connect this experience with previous experiences, I can’t.

Shit. I’ll have to rack this one up as another one of those near death experiences. Those damn black spider men were waiting to carry me away. Wow. I wonder what it will be like when I finally do die. Will there be black spider men waiting for me? And what about everyone who actually does die? Do they have weird hallucinations while they’re in the process of dying? Questions, questions, questions.

Man. This was only 10x. What would happen if I did 25x or 30x or 40x? Holy Moley.

I wish I could remember those first thirty seconds. There were probably people and voices entering and exiting folds in the fabric of salvia space, but I haven’t a clue about any of it.
Oh well………………
(don’t try this at home, kids--leave it to us pseudo professionals)


Seeing a parallel, salviaesque reality in 2012 is like possessing an iphone in 1957.
You want to run around town showing it off to everyone.

"Hey ma, hey pa, look at this thing. It takes pictures and little movies. There's a chicken being catapulted by a slingshot."
"A chicken being catapulted by a slingshot?"
"Yeah, ma."
"Stop your silliness. Did you bring in the milk bottles?"
"Yeah, ma. But what about this shiny wafer?"
"Enough with the shiny wafer. Go down to the butcher and bring back some ground beef, and don't dilly dally?"
"Yeah, ma. Gee whizz. Doesn't anybody care about my shiny wafer??"
"Listen to your mother, son. Remember what the Rabbi said, 'I think, therefore I'm a gfilterfish'."
"Who cares about gfilterfish, pa? We're talking about a frikkin radical new technology."
"Watch your language. Nobody's interested in your shiny wafer. I'm not interested. Your mother isn't interested. Find a girlfriend for Pete's sake. I wish you were more like your successful, older brother."


Friday, May 25, 2012

Trippin Thru 2012 With Salvia 5-25-12

(previously on b's blog)
18x -- 1 hit

Holy Shit-Box.
Wow. I was sitting in the dark -- building up the courage to flick my Bic.
Flick, ssssst, orange embers………
The next thing I know there’s some shadow man walking up to my body and lightly touching my shoulder as he moved along.

Damn. I remember being deep in the visual. I saw curved, greenish, shiny, cartoon humanoids slipping around intradimensionally. The visual suddenly transformed into squirming squids -- Japanese paper squids made of those same circular, enclosed, 2D greenish cartoon men -- now morphing into carnivalesque, humanoid dragon tails, propelling in place with rapidly slithering, metallic, lateral motion.

Shit. And then my field of vision was rotated on its side, my perspective now on the floor looking up. The topography of my mind contained furniture of a darkened room. I was looking up from the floor and a tall, black shadow man walked right by my body. I got the vibe that he was smiling, the way a human would smile down at an adorable puppy.

So there it is; another good salvia trip. I should immediately light up again in the hopes of seeing more shadow people; but I’m going to eat some food and watch TV. I don’t believe in pushing it. There’s always tomorrow night.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Space Trip

I just did a strong hit of salvia extract. I’m all up in my head now, like some guy sitting in a wooden hut alone in the jungle. Outside in the darkness are black-lit sets of eyes trying to stare me down. My legs are crossed, and I'm spinning around. The visuals are starting to imprint onto the surface of my retinas, moving across my eyelids, one after another. Faster and faster, the ground underneath my body starts to whisk me away. I see different versions of myself sliding away into the cosmic distance. Hundreds of timestamps of my existential identity careen off like slivers of twisted metal cut by some crazy-ass meat cutter.

A weird monstrosity is approaching me as the salvinorin invades my brain. Engulfed in darkness, I watch it approach my eyelids from afar. It resembles some type of underwater rotating shipwreck. Light shimmers off its turning surface revealing neon colored, coral-like appendages swaying in my liquid, subconscious mind.

I watch this thing rotate, and as it does, it picks me up and carries me along its subsurface wake. The shipwreck is shaped like a giant wheel with spokes or connecting rods radiating outwardly from a central hub. The coral coated spokes are composed of replicating peoploids, or rather, humanoids attached together from hand to foot. The entire wheel is alive with these peoploids, and they constantly transform and shape shift along the outer surface of the wheel as it rotates through subliminal hyperspace.

While the outer rim cuts a curved path through trans-dimensional space, I suddenly feel myself being squeezed horizontally. My visual field is compressing as I lay flat on my back. It feels like a thousand ton, subsurface ship pressing down on me. My breaths are becoming shallower. My body is turning into a tightly packed, extremely gravitational, layering of parallel worlds: ...and I can't escape.

Several long seconds pass.
There's less and less rotation.
The gravitational force recedes.

Now I can sense the subconscious wheel gently let go of me. I start to fall away from the circular shipwreck, and the surface of everyday reality approaches me from above. Landing upside down back into my own world, I open my eyes and take control of my awaiting body.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Snapshots From a Salvia Experience

Salvi landed atop the spongy surface of a green jungle canopy. The ground underneath felt unusually springy. Salvi was sure that if he pressed hard enough, he could poke through the web-like membrane. Looking down, he gasped in disbelief after realizing that the material under his feet was actually a matrix of interlocking green monkeys. Their smiling eyes looked up at Salvi's shocked face.

Salvi quickly turned his head and looked around. Everything in the entire jungle was composed of monkeys. The tall trees were made of monkeys. Even the leaves were constructed out of tiny, interlocking, green monkeys.

Cautiously, Salvi decided to start walking, and he came upon a large clearing where he saw rows and rows of geodesic domes. He approached one of the domes and was astonished to discover that the dome was totally composed of purple monkeys -- their arms and legs outstretched along the surface of the dome, connecting together in a perfect geometric design.

As Salvi moved from one dome to the next, he watched as each monkey craned its head in order to remain in direct eye contact with him. It's as if they all wanted Salvi to know that they were aware of his presence, and that everything would continue to be peacefully familiar and secure. After a while, the life in the monkeys' eyes began to dim away, and the geodesic domes slowly collapsed to the ground.

Realizing that the molecules of salvinorin alpha were no longer passing through him, Salvi jumped up, stretched forth his arms, and tunneled into the period at the end of this sentence.