Saturday, February 25, 2012

At The Dinner Table

Picture if you will a small group of people seated around the dinner table. Everyone is happily engaged in conversation. You smile as the woman sitting across from you describes an amusing story.

Suddenly something seems amiss. You could swear you just saw a ripple or a wave move across the surface of the table. You emote a sort of quiet gasp as you reach for a glass of water. The woman who was talking says, "Are you alright?" You answer with a forced laugh, "Yeah, I'm cool."

You notice that your heart is beginning to pound. You think to yourself, "What the hell...?" Another ripple moves over the table, except this time your eyes watch it intensely as it slowly undulates, lifting up and lowering plates and utensils as it gracefully flows from one end of the table to the other. The noise and chatter of the room is silenced while you watch another wave glide across.

You get the urge to bolt, to flee, to hang on to your dwindling sense of security, but you can't. You're frozen. You eye the entrance to the dining room as a means of escape, but the entrance way begins to simultaneously shrink and slide to the left as it and its connecting walls are sucked like liquid sand into the center of your field of vision.

A thunderous shout shocks you back to reality. Everyone at the table stops talking and turns toward the source of the shout. Incredibly, the table is now beginning to slowly rotate. All the chairs begin to move out and away from the table. The whole scene, the whole room is beginning to pivot around a central point. Astoundingly, the dining room is slowly assuming the shape of a three dimensional wheel.

More shouts are heard. A man sitting close to the table loudly exclaims, "My legs are frozen! I can't move them!" A woman next to him cries out, "I can't move my legs either!" You watch the terrified couple pivot downward as they slowly retreat into the cosmic background. Their frozen legs begin to narrow into organic pipes. You watch as the narrowing process moves up their thighs, up their abdomens, up their chests. Their cries take on a higher and higher pitch as their necks and heads are squeezed into narrowing stalks of metallic flesh.

Everyone at the table, all those who once had life have suddenly become stick figure ghosts embedded in a kind of strange consciousness, still rotating, but slowly evaporating away. The darkened scene, what's left of it, begins to peel backwards in on itself like a carpet rolling up, like the coiled tongue of some hidden serpent.

Suddenly finding yourself outdoors, you stumble out into the street. You see through your eyelids that people are rushing out of their houses. They run up to you with looks of exasperation in their eyes. They try to speak. There's something that they're desperately trying to tell you, something about The Secret. "What Secret?" you shout. But before they can answer, there's a rip in the fabric of existence. The people who desperately wanted to talk to you begin to peel away. The whole neighborhood starts to lift up like a giant three dimensional page slowly flipping over. The people who were trying to talk to you have now transformed into frozen cartoon characters embedded in a flowing membrane-like page.

You're in a different place now. "How did that happen? How can someone just morph from one place to the next?"
A woman holding a cell phone in her hand runs up to you. She screams, "Tell your world we're here before the Operator gets wise to our rebellion!" "Take my phone and text your world we're here!"
You reach for the phone, but before you can grab it, the woman, the phone, the whole scene is rotated away from you like a celluloid wave.

Monday, February 20, 2012

This Shit Is For Real

(18x - one hit)

Holy Shit
It's funny how someone can sit holding a pipe in his hand and not know what is about to GO DOWN.
I saw the beings sliding away into the space between two flat membranes. The membranes were the outer boundaries of previous worlds. The beings belonged to these other worlds, these replications of our world.

That other world,..what the hell was it? It was this world, but in a continual past tense, a past tense as seen through salvia eyes.

The previous salvia versions of our present state world were more real. While they were experienced as past tense realities, they also seemed like they existed in TRUE time. It wasn't so much they were peeling into the past, the material world was peeling, or rather, DEGRADING into the present.

I actually felt slices of previous worlds tearing away the skin on my hands. I could feel the sensation of skin tearing off. The sensation of skin tearing off had something to do with the process of my body being replicated in real time as previous versions of my body were pulled off into the past.

As the previous world connected to my body tore off along with a completely attached neighborhood, I was able to watch it sliding away into a narrowing central axis. I saw previous human beings slithering away backwards into the plasma-like vortex at the center of my closed-eye field of vision. Their arms were stretched out in a gesture of farewell; plasma arms, jelly arms, neural jelly coalescing into human forms, oozing away into my central retinal vortex.

These human beings and their world(s) are connected somehow to our present place in space/time.
If this is just frame stacking, then it is Awesome and elaborate.
If this is just frame stacking, then why and how could I feel the worlds peel away like the shedding of dead skin?
What are these worlds?
Why are these worlds?
These other worlds are real. We are connected to them via some type of salvia worm hole. This shit sounds crazy.
This Shit Is For Real.

I just did another hit of 10x, this one quite strong.
I could feel the salvia world pressing down on me like a steam roller as wide as an entire neighborhood.
I was smeared along a curved ground membrane; rather, my smeared awareness was locked inside a curved ground membrane, and salvia reality was occupying the 3D space above it. Salvia reality was a carbon copy of consensus reality. It was a multi-colored real-life representation of my own physical world.

It's pitch black in my apartment, and yet my retinal awareness was witnessing a world as bright as day. It was our physical/consensus world or at least a carbon copy of it.

It's possible that I was positioned into a 2 dimensional curved space that separated our physical reality from salvia reality. Even though salvia reality seemed to be a product of my mind, I could feel it as if it had actual physical characteristics. This leads me to reconsider just how material our shared reality actually is.

When I was coming out of the experience, I physically sensed salvia reality losing its carbon copy nature and slowly transforming into a jelly-plasma-like substance. This jelly-plasma-like substance began to pull back and away from my semi conscious mind. There was no mistaking the jelly-plasma-like nature of salvia reality, especially once the hardened 3D salvia structure began to loosen up (as the salvinorin molecules lost their mojo).

Salvia reality is showing up at our doorstep as an example of the multiverse nature of true reality.
We are not alone in the universe. Layers of alternate consensus worlds occupy space right next to us.
Our mirror copies are on the other side of a cosmic steam roller the size of a city block...a city block the size of an entire world..

Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Material Body Is Shedding Salvia Skin

“What in the world is going on?” I asked myself.
The pipe filled with 10x residue had slipped out of my hand. With eyes closed, I sat in a half lotus position on my foam pad. My mind's eye could still see the beings peeling away from me like characters on a film screen. Their facial expressions were embedded onto its surface as the entire film peeled, or rather, billowed outwardly from my body. I watched as each successive layer of skin or film dislocated itself from my body. Each layer of skin was an entire world, a world projected onto a two dimensional curving surface. It looked like a succession of movie worlds encoded onto silken layers of fabric parachuting like snapshots outwardly from my body.

There was something deeply temporal going on as I watched these self contained worlds slipping off my body. I felt as if I had been granted the rare privilege of seeing what really happens during our experience of reality. I had gotten glimpses of this strange feeling before: the idea that the permanent experience of time is an illusion, that time is actually a succession of individual moments. But now a new feeling was sweeping over me. Not only is the permanency of time an illusion. The permanency of the material world is an illusion as well.

I tried to hold onto the memory of the beings. As they slipped away through the framework of time, they scurried around against the outer curved membranes of their worlds. Silently, as if through some sort of weightless cartoon space, I watched the different worlds slip off in succession. Each individual world contained similar human-like beings performing similar, yet not exact activities. One man looked back at me as his world tunneled away. He knew that he was a salvia being living in a salvia world, and that we would probably never see each other again.

After the visuals stopped, I picked up my small bag of 10x salvia and held it in my hand. Staring at the green substance, I wondered about all the different worlds located therein. What was the relationship between this plant and the experience of feeling successive worlds peeling off my body? Were there other humanoid beings, now unactualized, now inactivated waiting for me to light up and inhale once more? Those questions would be answered in the future: the future as a succession of moments, salvia moments constantly shedding away from my material body and out into deep space.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Trippin Thru 2012 With Salvia (2-6-12)

Mousy man wearing a pentagram hat pleaded,
“Guys guys guys, listen! I have a question for you. Please answer it.”

Suddenly, before anyone could formulate a response, a large anvil the size of a parking lot smashed down on mousy man’s body, oozing his biological mass outwardly into a thin, two dimensional paste.

All that was left resembling the inquisitive man was his mousy mouth and his left eyeball, still connected to its dead-ended optic nerve. The flat-lined, mousy mouth then softly uttered the pre-smashed man’s original question.

“What’s the beauty in hyperspace?”

Abruptly and with a pout, mousy mouth lifted up, taking an entire 2D topography grid up and away. Mousy mouth reformulated with mousy mouth’s original body; and mousy man wearing the pentagram hat grabbed an edge of his grid-shaped reality and blew everyone a goodbye kiss.
“So long for now, Earth humans,” he yelled, as his body lifted backwards into the amnesiac maelstrom from which all potential realities mysteriously arise and befall.

Amidst a cacophony of British-sounding bird calls, a new reality emerged. It flowed forth as if from a roll of transparent cellophane; and when it stopped, there standing upon its surface were five midget-sized trolls. Then, with their thumbs planted deep inside their mouths, they arose. ….upwardly…upwardly…backwardly…backwardly; their bodies swimming in psychedelic synchronization. Codifying into replicating embryonic babies, they quickly connected together forming a green, fuzzy, branch-like structure of interconnecting doll-men.

(a few moments later)

“WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?” screams Mr. Swim from his hospital bed. Raising his hands up to his tear-bathed eyes, he beckons to the off-white, sanitized walls around him.
“I GOTS TO KNOW!” he cries. And soon, his rotating mind begins to reverberate with the old-time tune, ‘Dry Bones’.
"Now hear the word of the Lord."
"When your head bone connected from your ...neck bone."
"Your neck bone connected from your ...shoulder bone."
"Your shoulder bone connected from your ...back bone."
"Your back bone connected from your ...hip bone."

(several days earlier -- one hit of 18x)
My body was shredding through multiple layers of inter dimensional reality. The turbulent movement caused a lot of physical strain on my heart.

I actually saw 2-dimensional worlds rapidly peeling by like transparent celluloid. Each of those worlds contained actual-living scenarios -- real-life scenarios just as real as our ordinary-world scenarios.

HOLY SHIT. I saw it, and I brought it back with me. Those realities were moving like slivers of celluloid just like a movie. Those 2D sheets of transparent celluloid conveyed a COHESIVE SINGULAR reality -- not random multiple realities.

THERE REALLY ARE adjacent parallel worlds next to our world, but there’s nothing alien about them. They’re just variations of our own mundane world. Everyone involved in those peeling, celluloid sheets were alive and human-like. They were SELF AWARE. Those 'human beings' were physically agitated by my ability to scan through their world.

Watching those worlds being propagated in real time is what was so beautiful. My tripping mind just stationed itself in a 3rd person perspective and watched a visual perception of someone’s lower leg making contact with a floor. I could actually see parallel versions of that leg/floor intersection rapidly scanning away.

SHIT. The people in those parallel worlds were aware of my presence as I eavesdropped on them. It's like the parallel humans were engrained in various uncollapsed probability waves which were being adversely influenced by my OBSERVATION of them.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Trippin Thru 2012 With Salvia (2-5-12)

(just now -- one hit of 18x)
There’s a vanilla milkshake flowing out of my mind.
A syrupy, milky-white sea stocked with brightly colored humanoids.

Shimmering peoploids
with kaleidoscopic fins
tunneling away from my eyes.

Glowing structures imprinting on my visual cortex.
Mechanical rabbits riding a cosmic Ferris wheel - waving goodbye as they retreat into a chrome plated background.

a few days earlier (one hit of 18x)

Little Men Turning Salvia Reality


That's what I kept saying over and over as I made my way out of this latest hit of extract.

I was totally engulfed in darkness as I rose from my chair. I wanted to get this hallucination written down...NOW!!!

I carefully walked away from my chair making sure not to step on my pipe, still filled with another hit's worth of extract.

"littlementurningsalviareality---littlementurningsalviareality" I said to myself as my hand brushed against my bedroom wall searching for the lightswitch. Finding it, I turned on the light.

I could still see the little green men (That's Right--Little Green Men) that were slowly rotating in hyperspace. They constituted SOMETHING. What the hell was the beautiful significance of the visual? I can't fucking remember!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Near Death Experience?

I did a strong hit of plain leaf mixed with 10x.
I turned off the light to my room and got into bed.
My heart was pounding; not fast, but pounding.
I saw visuals of my room as if the light was still on.
I got a strange feeling that my body was being pressed down by these heavy visuals -- that the shape of the 3D room itself was pressing down on my 2D body like a massively heavy Strong Force.

I felt like I needed to escape in order to save my life from being snuffed out. I tried but failed to lift myself up through this heavy weight in order to get out of bed so that I could re-integrate back into the 3D room


Mind you, the room was pitch black, but the visuals were of a salvia-lit room.

My body was DEADLY frozen.

I looked up at the geometrics of the room. The square ceiling : the rectangular door. All the lines in the room were like connecting strings which were not vibrating because I was

DEAD-LIKE and REMOVED from the 3D visual.

I finally FORCED myself to rise up into the vibrating geometry that was lit up by salvia light. As I arose, the visual lines or strings started to stretch forth and vibrate as my body assimilated into the 3D room


The frame of the door wasn't really part of a door. It was a linear series of little men or builder elves that constituted the door. I watched them stretch and multiply as my body rose into the web-like visual geometry.

I grasped the door knob in my salvia visual which was also the actual material door knob. I then exited my bedroom. I stood in the living room knowing that I was incorporated into reality; but I came VERY CLOSE to leaving my apartment and doing who knows what because everything was still part of the salvia trip, including the outside of my apt.

Breathing in molecules of oxygen, I stood at the boundary between two separate worlds.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Breakthrough, 2what?, 2where?

Pow. Major advancement just now. And Plain Leaf !!!
Never made it into the bedroom.. My hand froze to the door. The lights were out and my eyes were wide open. I saw this unfolding other world roll right in to my world. There was activity and people in this other world. It all seemed so matter of fact that I didn't bother to take mental notes. I didn't have a sitter and it's 3AM in my apartment complex and I'm at the intersection of two worlds with my hand morphing into the doorknob. For a split second I try to grasp the doorknob hoping that it will bring me back to my prior world, but the salvia world rolls back into my visual vista, and I'm gone again. When the salvia world rolled back in, it brought with it an ongoing scene already in progress involving me somehow. People's voices rolled into my place in space-time as if they had been talking prior to my taking the hit. I held onto the doorknob hoping not to freak out and knowing that I would be coming down soon.

This was without a doubt my best salvia experience thus far. I was in total darkness, and yet I could see everything in minute detail. This funny little plant allows us to merge with other worlds like a car merging into traffic. And I merged into a world that was already in progress. This is so much more than some typical recreational drug. But you already know that.


I experienced the whole trip while standing up in the darkness with my hand attached to the doorknob. I'm surprised I didn't fall down. I wish I had taken some mental notes, but when I'm in the salvia world, I forget how important it is to remember stuff. But there's something about two worlds merging while each is already in progress. This was much more than just 'frame stacking' and fancy brain activity. This is the cutting edge IMHO.

I'm trying to remember the process of how the salvia world materialized. It's as if a swarm of bits rolled at me like a wave, quickly ordering up out of chaos into beautifully complex visuals. Also, the bits ordered up into an audible language. Eventually an ongoing scene of alternative world activity rose up into ordered complexity. But I still can't remember exactly what was going on in this other world. But it was competing with this world and doing a damn good job of it.

And as far as the mental note taking goes.........
If you are the observer taking notes, you have to keep one foot in this world in order to process the notes. By keeping one foot in this world, you limit your ability to 'go with the flow'. So in order to experience the salvia world to the max, you need to let go of the note taking observer.


I just remembered something that I must must have blocked concerning this latest trip. I'm astounded that I'm just now remembering this. While I was standing there with my hand on the doorknob, I was seeing visuals of something circular that was spinning. It was like a large cartoony, paper-mache gear or sprocket that was moving towards me. I Could Feel It Brushing Across My Arm And Stomach As It Spun. This wasn't some vague feeling. I could feel the individual sprocket teeth hitting my body...thump, thump, thump. The gear edge felt like a spongy material. It didn't hurt but I definitely felt it. This wasn't in my mind, it was on my body. This was far, far more real than a dream. Typing about it, and experiencing it are two different things. One thing's for sure. The salvia world is becoming more and more real.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

"The Man Made Out of Bricks" ---a Salvia Christmas Card

The man made out of bricks began to fall apart as his body rotated counterclockwise. I tried to get out of his way, but it was too late. Without volunteering, I began to spiral after him, and we both exited the safe confines of the material world.

I felt myself in freefall. All I could see were my two arms in front of me. They were sprouting little arms, and the little arms were sprouting littler arms…
I felt myself land someplace. Was this an aluminum sidewalk?

I looked up and saw that the sidewalk was twisted up into the tip of a long snow sled. It was a scene right out of Christmas. I was in a land of elves. They were walking around as if on purpose, like they all had important jobs to do. One of the elves stopped and looked at me. A blue laser protruded out of his green eyes. The laser scanned my face vertically and then zigzagged horizontally. He then grabbed me by the hand and led me into a large, oval-shaped room.

The inside of the room was shaped like a ball, and strange figures were rotating along the curved walls of the ball’s inner surface. I could see streaming humanoids echoing like quantum reverberations. They resembled multicolored blurs. One of the blurs stopped moving, and I watched its quantum probabilities collapse inwardly like a psychedelic peacock displaying in reverse. The singularity that was left standing took the form of a man made out of bricks.

He looked like any other man except he was built out of clay bricks. He adjusted his shoulder area, looked me in the eye and said, “Man, you are out of your world.”

He went on to say, “You have entered salvia reality. Salvia reality is just like your reality except it’s not based on physical matter or space. It is a virtual world made of intelligent pixels, similar to your elements.”

I asked him why he was made of bricks. He answered that the brick motif was retrieved from my brain’s memory bank. Being Christmas time, one of my holographic neural packages was fixed on the image of Santa entering a clay brick chimney. And so the brick chimney had transformed into the man made out of bricks.

I was about to ask another question but the man made out of bricks held up his mortar hand and stopped me. He explained that the salvinorin coursing through my brain was losing its potency and that I needed to get back to the material world.

Suddenly, the three dimensional world of salvia reality compressed back into the two dimensional inner lining of the oval shaped ball. My mental eye then pulled backwards, and I began to see a replicated, triangle-shaped assemblage of silver metallic balls hanging on arms of green appendages.

Reawakening to my familiar surroundings, I found myself sitting in my living room gazing at my nearby Christmas tree….the warm salvia pipe still held tightly in my hand.
Merry Christmas.