Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Trippin Thru 2012 With Salvia (11-27-12)

(one hit of 18x)

Press--PrEss--pRESS-Pres--PrESs. My finger repeatedly slammed down on the laptop’s power key.

Wow. I saw it all smeared tightly on my eyeballs. There was a constant audio soundtrack which scanned alongside the film sheets which were simultaneously peeling off my eyes.
[curving, two-dimensional containers of ongoing worlds]

These worlds were not separate scenes like in a typical movie. These audio-visual worlds were ongoing, similar to how waves are ongoing even though their constituent particles are seemingly stationary.

When I say there was an accompanying soundtrack, what I really mean is that the interlinked worlds contained individual comments like, “You’re watching us again,” followed by something like, “He’s beginning to figure us out.” etc. I know this sounds schizophrenic and maybe it is. Let’s say it’s a sign of schizophrenia. But the incredibly beautiful and (insanely) complex nature of the visuals is what is so MIND-BLOWING.

GOD. I wish I could convey to you all the intricate ontological structures I was witnessing. It was like I was stealing away the foundations of fundamental human experience. It was like I was stealing away the Top Secret design of human existence.


That’s the question I was asking myself as I frantically flailed about in the darkness attempting to log onto my Microsoft Works document. It was another comedy of errors as I was tripping over extension cords and accidentally turning on and off my laptop. During this confusion, I was still tripping on extract. The voices peeling off my eyeballs were saying stuff like, “He’s going to forget it all again,” and “Doesn’t he realize how important this is?”

And the visuals -- how do I describe them?
(another hit of 18x)

…and the visuaalzz, how do ah dizkribe themb
…….and devishuallzzzz, hhhdwwII dezkriblllldembbLM
………..andD’Viztabbllllll -- hWWDEXTWYIBTEMM

This hallucinatory world containing a myriad of pulsating colors rotated like a squeegeed river up my curved eyeballs. Greenish, pulsating humanoids slid their arms against the outer edges of my convex eyes and attempted to communicate with me. They crouched and flattened down into a side-view mirror that proceeded to slide away into hyperspace.

Then, suddenly, another two dimensional mirror rotated completely around my eyeballs containing another series of crazy-acting humanoids who stood up out of their crouching positions and exclaimed, “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU??????????”