Monday, February 6, 2012

Trippin Thru 2012 With Salvia (2-6-12)

Mousy man wearing a pentagram hat pleaded,
“Guys guys guys, listen! I have a question for you. Please answer it.”

Suddenly, before anyone could formulate a response, a large anvil the size of a parking lot smashed down on mousy man’s body, oozing his biological mass outwardly into a thin, two dimensional paste.

All that was left resembling the inquisitive man was his mousy mouth and his left eyeball, still connected to its dead-ended optic nerve. The flat-lined, mousy mouth then softly uttered the pre-smashed man’s original question.

“What’s the beauty in hyperspace?”

Abruptly and with a pout, mousy mouth lifted up, taking an entire 2D topography grid up and away. Mousy mouth reformulated with mousy mouth’s original body; and mousy man wearing the pentagram hat grabbed an edge of his grid-shaped reality and blew everyone a goodbye kiss.
“So long for now, Earth humans,” he yelled, as his body lifted backwards into the amnesiac maelstrom from which all potential realities mysteriously arise and befall.

Amidst a cacophony of British-sounding bird calls, a new reality emerged. It flowed forth as if from a roll of transparent cellophane; and when it stopped, there standing upon its surface were five midget-sized trolls. Then, with their thumbs planted deep inside their mouths, they arose. ….upwardly…upwardly…backwardly…backwardly; their bodies swimming in psychedelic synchronization. Codifying into replicating embryonic babies, they quickly connected together forming a green, fuzzy, branch-like structure of interconnecting doll-men.

(a few moments later)

“WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?” screams Mr. Swim from his hospital bed. Raising his hands up to his tear-bathed eyes, he beckons to the off-white, sanitized walls around him.
“I GOTS TO KNOW!” he cries. And soon, his rotating mind begins to reverberate with the old-time tune, ‘Dry Bones’.
"Now hear the word of the Lord."
"When your head bone connected from your ...neck bone."
"Your neck bone connected from your ...shoulder bone."
"Your shoulder bone connected from your ...back bone."
"Your back bone connected from your ...hip bone."

(several days earlier -- one hit of 18x)
My body was shredding through multiple layers of inter dimensional reality. The turbulent movement caused a lot of physical strain on my heart.

I actually saw 2-dimensional worlds rapidly peeling by like transparent celluloid. Each of those worlds contained actual-living scenarios -- real-life scenarios just as real as our ordinary-world scenarios.

HOLY SHIT. I saw it, and I brought it back with me. Those realities were moving like slivers of celluloid just like a movie. Those 2D sheets of transparent celluloid conveyed a COHESIVE SINGULAR reality -- not random multiple realities.

THERE REALLY ARE adjacent parallel worlds next to our world, but there’s nothing alien about them. They’re just variations of our own mundane world. Everyone involved in those peeling, celluloid sheets were alive and human-like. They were SELF AWARE. Those 'human beings' were physically agitated by my ability to scan through their world.

Watching those worlds being propagated in real time is what was so beautiful. My tripping mind just stationed itself in a 3rd person perspective and watched a visual perception of someone’s lower leg making contact with a floor. I could actually see parallel versions of that leg/floor intersection rapidly scanning away.

SHIT. The people in those parallel worlds were aware of my presence as I eavesdropped on them. It's like the parallel humans were engrained in various uncollapsed probability waves which were being adversely influenced by my OBSERVATION of them.