Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Trippin Thru 2012 With Salvia (11-27-12)

(one hit of 18x)

Press--PrEss--pRESS-Pres--PrESs. My finger repeatedly slammed down on the laptop’s power key.

Wow. I saw it all smeared tightly on my eyeballs. There was a constant audio soundtrack which scanned alongside the film sheets which were simultaneously peeling off my eyes.
[curving, two-dimensional containers of ongoing worlds]

These worlds were not separate scenes like in a typical movie. These audio-visual worlds were ongoing, similar to how waves are ongoing even though their constituent particles are seemingly stationary.

When I say there was an accompanying soundtrack, what I really mean is that the interlinked worlds contained individual comments like, “You’re watching us again,” followed by something like, “He’s beginning to figure us out.” etc. I know this sounds schizophrenic and maybe it is. Let’s say it’s a sign of schizophrenia. But the incredibly beautiful and (insanely) complex nature of the visuals is what is so MIND-BLOWING.

GOD. I wish I could convey to you all the intricate ontological structures I was witnessing. It was like I was stealing away the foundations of fundamental human experience. It was like I was stealing away the Top Secret design of human existence.


That’s the question I was asking myself as I frantically flailed about in the darkness attempting to log onto my Microsoft Works document. It was another comedy of errors as I was tripping over extension cords and accidentally turning on and off my laptop. During this confusion, I was still tripping on extract. The voices peeling off my eyeballs were saying stuff like, “He’s going to forget it all again,” and “Doesn’t he realize how important this is?”

And the visuals -- how do I describe them?
(another hit of 18x)

…and the visuaalzz, how do ah dizkribe themb
…….and devishuallzzzz, hhhdwwII dezkriblllldembbLM
………..andD’Viztabbllllll -- hWWDEXTWYIBTEMM

This hallucinatory world containing a myriad of pulsating colors rotated like a squeegeed river up my curved eyeballs. Greenish, pulsating humanoids slid their arms against the outer edges of my convex eyes and attempted to communicate with me. They crouched and flattened down into a side-view mirror that proceeded to slide away into hyperspace.

Then, suddenly, another two dimensional mirror rotated completely around my eyeballs containing another series of crazy-acting humanoids who stood up out of their crouching positions and exclaimed, “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU??????????”

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Trippin Thru 2012 With Salvia (11-20-12)

The salvia beings are letting me know that if I keep posting my trip reports they are going to kill me. At first they politely told me that they weren’t happy with my reports. Lately they have been increasing the pressure by squeezing my heart to the point of snuffing out my life.

So let’s recap where I am in my journey:

1)--- I keep seeing a massively dense and heavy globe-like structure that is apparently some type of storage device. The outer layer of the storage device is connected to the outer edges of my eyeballs. Information seems to flow bi-directionally between the outer edges of my eyeballs and the device. I still can’t figure out what the device contains. It might contain all the experiential information from our everyday, material world; or it might contain information from worlds outside our material world. My vibe is that the device contains all the visual and auditory information from parallel worlds adjacent to our world. Three dimensional audio/visual scenarios from these parallel worlds seem to collapse into a very fine metallic-like film across the outer surface of the device. I can’t emphasize enough just how massive the pressure is on the surface of the device. You have to experience it to really know what I’m talking about.

2)--- There are beings located in parallel worlds adjacent to our world. These beings are earth-like in appearance. They speak my language; they speak your language. Sometimes the beings seem benevolent; sometimes they seem malevolent. OK. I’m going to try to explain something difficult. These salvia beings aren’t unique, singular entities. Each salvia being is somehow connected to a fractal containing multiple versions of itself. There is a qualitative progression of gnosis spanning across a salvia being’s fractal. At one end of the gnosis stream is a fully Aware, self-actualized salvia being. At the other end of the gnosis stream is a biological, un-aware humanoid. It might be possible that fractals of salvia beings coalesce down into our everyday, material world in the form of un-aware earth humans. Do you hear what I’m saying? Salvia beings are possibly walking among us in the form of (what appear to be) normal looking human beings. Is it any wonder the salvia beings want me to stop posting my trip reports?

Actually, we might all be salvia beings, but because of our location at the far end of (what we perceive as) the ever decreasing fractal stream of salvia-awareness, we are all un-aware of the ‘expanded situation’ (expanded situation defined as the awareness of parallel worlds containing parallel beings).

3)--- There is a possibility that our technologically advanced human descendents are trying to contact us. Terence McKenna first hypothesized this when he spoke about the transcendental object at the end of time. He didn’t imply that the object was trying to contact us, only that it was emitting such a strong signal that we couldn’t help but become aware of it. On the other hand, I’m suggesting that our advanced descendents might actually be trying to contact us.

I thought of an interesting scenario: If this blog is able to be preserved by Google and successors of Google for hundreds or thousands or millions of years, then perhaps future researchers will stumble across it. They will then know of at least one human candidate alive in 2012 who had a hallucinogenic and open mind, and who might be a good recipient for some kind of long distance attempt at contact. (are you listening, future human hybrids?)

All I have to do is hit ‘enter’ and this post will upload to the internet. Immediately, through a quantum speeding up of time, people in the future will read these words as if I just typed them. It’s happening right now. You are reading the exact words I’m keying right now, even though days, weeks, months, years have elapsed since I keyed them. But has any time really passed? The same thing goes for those of you reading this post ten thousand years from now. No time has really passed, therefore, please get off your technologically advanced lazy asses and make contact with me. There are clues in this blog that disclose my true name and earth-history.

If the salvia beings continue to squeeze my heart, then I’m going to cease publishing my trip reports.
Later, salvia brothers and sisters.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Should We Leave The Salvia World And Its Beings Alone?

......Oh shit......I just saw it roll over my subconscious mind. I even heard voices of some guys saying something like, "stop it, stop it", or "don't let, don't let".
There IS a fucking reality out there filled with people. Our subconscious minds are able to roll up on this other world while we are tripping. All I remember is these beings yelling something like, "don't let, don't let". When I heard that, I panicked and the trip aborted before the guys could finish their sentence. I then began to frantically claw my way back to consensus reality. These beings were human-like. They spoke in English. They DID NOT want their world to be exposed.
So what do I do NOW?

I’m going back there. All this shit has not been for nothing. There IS a world out there. It's composed of beings who want to remain hidden. This other world is in our eFFing MINDS. It is real and salvia exposes it.
And I got it all on audio.

I was totally attached to the visual as it was rolling over. The visual was a self contained reality unfolding itself temporally. When I saw the (two?) male beings, their bodies were embedded onto the surface of the reality sheet as it was unfolding. Their words "don't let, don't let" were also embedded onto the unfolding sheet. When I saw the beings and heard them speak, at first I tried to memorize the words. Then I tried to fight my way back to my voice recorder. I think there's a lot of silence on it.

Even though I just heard a few words, the point was clear. "Don't fuck with our world."
But guess what? I’m going right back there with my voice recorder, even if I end up with a heart attack.

I listened to the audio. Here is the transcript:
"OK....ha ha....I see.....", followed by four minutes and fifty seconds of irregular breathing.

But I did mention later that the world was the very same and familiar world I’ve always seen, except this time up close and personal.......with beings that spoke in English?? WTF?
Yeah, what is it with all the secrecy? BFD. These beings are humanoids who speak our language. We access them through our minds. Don't we have a right to visit their reality?
Hey, I have approx 200 hits of 10x and 50 hits of 25x to explore their world. They will have to kill me to stop me.

I can't remember anything about the salvia world that rolled by/through/over me. But I’m sure that I saw it all in splendid hi res technicolor. I wish I could have gotten the details into my voice recorder. :(
This trip was a major milestone for me. I have always wanted to actually communicate with a being. The dialogue was one sided, I listened while the beings spoke. The words were actually audible, but not through the ears, rather through the mind.
The vibe I got was that these beings were like sentries who were visibly upset/afraid of salvia reality being exposed.

Another major vibe I got was that this salvia reality is too well established for only me and a few others to know about. The vibe is that there is a network of people who are Very aware of this 'other world', and they are monitoring websites to see if anyone new "comes on-line", so to speak. I know that sounds paranoid, but WTH.
This salvia world seems to be far more primordial than our consensus world outpost. The salvia world is like an established empire, an empire deeply hidden within the strange confines of our entheo-awakened minds.

When I saw those talking beings, they unfolded out of a rolling civilization. They and their words were embedded into the topography or infrastructure of the actual reality. The whole thing was somewhere between 2d and 3d.

There are many different types of salvia trips. Only a small percentage of trips sound like mine. My trips are about another civilization cloaked in concealment.. It's like a child's secret garden, full of innocent beings. They allow me to play in the garden as long as I don’t tell the adults about it.
I'm going to throw away the note pad and voice recorder and just play in the garden.


I've been trying out my newly purchased (no frills) vaporizer. At first I was using plain leaf. I tried getting the temp hot, but the experiences were underwhelming. Tonight I decided to try the 10x. I retired to my bedroom, turned out the lights, and plopped onto bed.
I noticed a slight heartburn and tried to burp it away. No luck. I don't like to trip with any background pain, but I figured that the 10x wasn't going to get sufficiently vaped anyway. So I lit up and slowly sucked the vape into my lungs. The aroma tasted like popcorn. I began to see visuals, so I knew it was working. The visuals weren't very strong though.

Suddenly, I noticed something odd. Instead of peaking quickly as with regular smoke, I experienced myself slowly elevating upwards. The visuals stopped, but I kept elevating. It reminded me of weed. I felt like I was in two worlds at once. The world of the living and some other world. I also began to notice the pain in my heart area. The never ending elevation along with the heart pain started to freak me out. I began to realize that I was acclimating to my own upcoming death. I rose up from my bed and got the hell out of my bedroom. I figured that I would be better off in my living room. While walking through the hallway, I got the very strong impression that my dead mother was waiting there in the living room. She had been sent to escort me back to the other world. I was completely awash in the specter of my own death.

When I reached the living room, my mom was not there. I found my trusted recliner and sat down. I got the vibe that the world of the dead is the more real world, and the world of the living is a type of ongoing experiment : a chance for the dead to experience life.

So now my heartburn is fading away, and my vaporizer sits on the table. It whispers to me, "come back, the popcorn's ready."


I wonder what the Mazatecs would think about vaping? Vaping isn't the same as smoking.
I hit the same half bowl of 10x in my vaporizer two more times, for a grand total of three hits. I got strong visuals all three times, my last hit the strongest of all. Unfortunately, there were no beings or no sounds. The visuals, while vivid, were very nondescript. I'm going to empty the bowl and burn it in a regular pipe to see if any salvinorin is left.

I got the vibe that were it not for living human beings, there would be no knowledge of the universe, no knowledge of the beauty nor of the random violence. This is assuming that there aren't other advanced life forms around.
Human beings are creatures that are capable of intellectualizing the universe. We are the universe's ability to reflect upon itself. This spectacle of humans driving around and ordering cheeseburgers from open-mouthed, mechanical cartoon faces at drive-throughs is an absurd farce.
We are the fucking universe gazing at itself.......