Friday, May 25, 2012

Trippin Thru 2012 With Salvia 5-25-12

(previously on b's blog)
18x -- 1 hit

Holy Shit-Box.
Wow. I was sitting in the dark -- building up the courage to flick my Bic.
Flick, ssssst, orange embers………
The next thing I know there’s some shadow man walking up to my body and lightly touching my shoulder as he moved along.

Damn. I remember being deep in the visual. I saw curved, greenish, shiny, cartoon humanoids slipping around intradimensionally. The visual suddenly transformed into squirming squids -- Japanese paper squids made of those same circular, enclosed, 2D greenish cartoon men -- now morphing into carnivalesque, humanoid dragon tails, propelling in place with rapidly slithering, metallic, lateral motion.

Shit. And then my field of vision was rotated on its side, my perspective now on the floor looking up. The topography of my mind contained furniture of a darkened room. I was looking up from the floor and a tall, black shadow man walked right by my body. I got the vibe that he was smiling, the way a human would smile down at an adorable puppy.

So there it is; another good salvia trip. I should immediately light up again in the hopes of seeing more shadow people; but I’m going to eat some food and watch TV. I don’t believe in pushing it. There’s always tomorrow night.