Sunday, April 1, 2012

Reply From Jazzer 3-26-2012

The following is jazzer's reply to my 'Trippin thru 2012' 3-26-12 post:

jazzerMar 26, 2012 03:22 PM
"All my experiences line up exactly with yours. i mean in every single post... i'm like, yep... yep... check....... only I Interpret the parallel universe and "bothered beings" issues differently... I always have the perception that, when the layer of this physical world gets "rolled" away, and I am in the next world, I'm basically getting to observe the mechanical creation process of extra-dimensional stuff being passed into physical reality... like its the same universe, but salvia is allowing you to experience and observe the dimensions outside of the 3 physical dimensions IN REAL TIME, and with the perception that you are YOU, as in you get to observe it AS YOURSELF...

I have perceived surprise by these beings, that I "materialized" in their dimension... but ultimately was assisted, helpfully, out of their way, so they could keep up with the job of the "throughput" so to speak, of whatever it was they were conveying into the lowest 3 dimensions. Like, you know, when you get caught in the "roll of carpet" as you're leaving gravity? then the roll passes you on by, and you're now in this other dimension... and all these "workers" were running a big press on the other side, and pressing out this roll of carpet that ACTUALLY IS the material of 3 dimensional matter being created in real time...

you just kinda get to look at that process "behind the scenes"... and, yes, you might be in their way... but I just think their "annoyance" is just them trying to solve the logistical problem of you being in their way for a minute. the more you know that this can happen, not only do YOU adapt to the transition more skillfully, but THEY DO TOO... and you just don't get in their way anymore, or you start entering at a different spot... incidentally,coming down, the carpet rolled back over me from the way it came, and as it rolled over me, I could feel my very flesh be reconstituted in physical space. It always feels so intense, like your nerve endings are being put together out of raw material at the speed of the roll... fucking freaky, but that's what i think is going on."

Jazzer, you mention a press creating a roll of 'carpet'. This visual has been seen by countless other salvianauts. Tvsuat’s description is probably the earliest of the reports. I have seen the same thing, except that lately the roll of film-like information seems curved as if it’s actually being encoded into or extracted out of some type of massive, pressurized ball or globe. I guess we shouldn’t quibble over it being a roll or a ball, but what the hell is going on? What does this ‘thing’ contain? To me it’s a storage of realities, but I’m not sure if it’s storing the shared realities of human experience or if it’s storing some sort of quantum-fractal of hallucinogenic salvia worlds (or what I tried to define as ‘reality definitions’, definitions of potential realities before they are pressed into the hardened representation of our shared material world). Damn, this stuff is confusing.

I too have felt the prickly nerve endings. I went through a phase where I could actually feel the objects contained in my salvia visuals. Your idea about why we feel what we feel makes sense, but to me, the really hardcore experiences with salvia occur close to the beginning of the trip. It’s difficult for me to accept the idea that events at the end of the salvia trip are just as intense as events at the beginning of the trip. But, you know, now that I ponder the idea, maybe there’s enough salvinorin to produce hard core visuals late in the trip.

Anyway, great comment, jazzer.