Thursday, April 26, 2012

They're Watching Us

I saw it
I was crawling on my hands and knees to my recliner.
Ilm fucking loosoing it
There a fucking world outthere
some of ypu fucking reading this know about it.
Shit....nmy heart is skipping beats
$&hahahahahhah ......I kbow the fucking secret I know the secret
Its more thabn beings. Its about anpther world, a salvia world that wraps itself around this world.

Ther is anothe r worlds of people out thete watching us

This is not a fucking joke

I want to keep the above original transcript with the mis-keying included; the reason being because I was still in the trailing edge of the actual trip. I want the reader to get a sense of the experience.

I just saw the secret. I was just given the opportunity to see the beings from another world. I now know there is the possibility that some of you reading this know about the other world.

The shit has hit the fan. The genie is out of the bottle. This is truly a game changer. I can't/won't put the cat back in the bag again. My heart is still skipping beats. They're watching us. This is not a joke.

...and one more thing....
This isn't about a temporary slip into psychosis. I saw the secret that I had only gotten glimpses of during the last year.

And one last thing. While I have posted many times about a salvia world, I was never 100 percent convinced that it existed. I was never convinced that other beings existed. Well, they most certainly DO exist. This was not a hallucination. This was a visual connection to another actual world right next to our world. And here's what's so mind blowing. They are watching us, almost like how scientists watch lab rats. But they aren't sinister. They seem benevolent. They are waiting for us to become aware of their presence. Well, I AM NOW AWARE OF THEIR PRESENCE.

There are actual anthropomorphic beings watching our world right now. I believe that there might be lurkers on this blog who are eavesdropping. They possibly know about the secret. They might know that our world, our reality is being watched by 'people' from a world tangent to ours.

This other world isn't a hypothesis. It's a fact. I saw it and it's engrained into my neural passages. From now on, I will be devoting my time in salvia space to a better understanding of these other 'people' and their agenda.


I never made it to my recliner. I froze in mid stride and slowly dropped to my hands and knees. My hands were pressing against the carpet, except they weren't hands. They were tiny, interconnecting cartoon faces that stretched all the way up my arms. The carpet began to pull me down. I knew that if I didn't make a gallant effort to get up and walk the three feet to my recliner, then I would end up flat on the floor.

It was somewhere in this timeframe that I saw the revelation concerning the 'watchers'. I strongly discount the notion that what I experienced was a delusion. I am fully convinced that I saw an actual intelligence from an adjacent world. They are watching and waiting.


I can relate to the impression that the other worlds can seem to be a micron away. I have gotten glimpses of multiple worlds, but this was the first time that I could focus all the way into a particular world with particular people. The people were still very vague and nondescript, but they were very human like. Who knows, maybe they are from the future, or maybe they are 'potential' humans who are somehow more advanced than we are. All I know is that they are watching us, and they want to make contact.

I want to say something about when I was crawling on my hands and knees. I did the hit of 10x in my bathroom. Normally, I close the door and make a beeline to my recliner. This time I fumbled with the door for five seconds. It was this extra five seconds that caused me to freeze up and falter before making it to the recliner. I slowly fell to my hands and knees and started to crawl.

At the same time, I was having a sort of out of body experience. I could see my healthy male body on its hands and knees. I knew that there was something wrong with this picture. Not only was I crawling, but the floor was pulling me down. Gravity seemed to have increased a hundred fold. My out of body perspective realized something, which is......

This must be like what people experience when they are in the process of dying. When they are down on the floor, they must feel a strong force of gravity pressing them down, seemingly sucking their life force into the underground, pulling them away from consensus reality.....forever.

This was going through my mind as I was fighting the urge to lay completely down. I finally forced myself up from the pull of gravity and made it to my recliner. I didn't do this because I wanted to salvage a good trip. I did it because I didn't want to die.


I just did a hit of 10x. The following is what transpired, misskeying included.....

It's like a family welcoming me into the NEW FOLD>
What the fuck is going on? This is not a fucking joke. The beings are OUR OWN FUCKING SELVES, other potential forms of us welcoming us into their POTENTIAL WORLD.

I saw their world. the objects in their world mmoved like they were moving undeerwater. It wa beautigul. I am so close to discovering something big.

It's lke a family. SHIT


I saw a being welcoming me into their world. This is the very first time in my 100-200 hits of extract that I ever saw the beings up close and personal. They are very human-like. They are very warm and compassionate. They are duplicates of ourselves, potential forms of ourselves living in an alternate world that is very similar to our world. They were welcoming me into their world as if I were a very close family member.

My overall impression is that their world is an actual world that is too much of an ontological game changer to be whitewashed into safe obscurity by psychoanalytical explanations.

I was able to visualize the objects in my retinal display field. They moved like a type of fabric blowing in the wind, like underwater flowing plants. I saw more stuff that I can't even English yet.

OK, to recap.........not only are they watching us, they seem to be duplicates or alternate versions of ourselves. They are aware of the alternative realities, and they have a very compassionate feeling towards us, knowing that we are all still in the dark .

I am being confronted with three scenarios right now. People reading this are going to think,
1. "Wow, man. He's really on to something."
2. "Yawn, what else is new."
3. "Jeez, that guy needs some help."

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Now Playing at the Salvinorin Bijou

“Hey, CGI Man! You might as well just rip your eyeballs out!!”
That’s what I laughingly said as my salvia body reconstituted itself against the gelatinous infrastructure of reorganized reality.

“Don’t you Hollywood technicians realize the goldmine that is salvia divinorum? Salvia hallucinations are the next creative phase in CGI rendering. I already know this; I just need to get you Los Angeles artists to see it. Imagine our physical world rendered in the same way that the worlds inside our hallucinogenic minds are rendered. CGI technicians now have the capability of duplicating hallucinogenic activity. What they don’t have are any inspirations. This blog is just such an inspiration.”

“Can’t you see the potential of this new kind of science fiction in movies, this new potential that fuses state of the art technology with creative story telling and salvia inspired visuals?”

“How long ago was the ‘Matrix’ produced? Too long ago. You guys in the movie business need to get your creative shit together. Sure, the fly-over states are dumbing down, but does Hollywood have to dumb down as well?

“Hey, CGI man! Put down your imported water and watch me for a second. Look at me. See how my physical arms dematerialize into CGI rendered pipes that stretch forward, fusing to a slightly rotating, purple and green, gelatinous wheel made of quasi-organic spokes composed of twisting, twirling humanoids? Now I'm totally fastened to the rotating wheel as it rolls across the movie screen, simultaneously wrapping around the optic nerves of paying movie customers.”

The film playing is titled, “Retinal View Master“. It’s a fascinating movie. It’s about a salvia world that presses against the audience's eyelids as it rotates by. The Jell-O surfaces of the viewers' retinas seem as deep as shag carpets made of electri-fried fabric.

See? The movie customers are all mesmerized as they rotate by in frozen synchronization, all fused together like metal peoploids inside a rotating salvia wheel.

Two teenagers frantically grapple against the connection, trying to free themselves from the rolling wheel-like apparatus. The young man, his facial features resembling a teenage Steve McQueen, frees his hands from the self-transforming, mechanical BLOB. He tells the girlfriend he's dating to let go, but she can’t. Her hands are still fused to the apparatus. The teenagers then begin to trail away from each other. The young man sees the theater's Exit sign and runs after his date, his body navigating along the crackling surface of the outside parking lot.

Creatures erupt from the asphalt surrounding the young man as he chases after his girlfriend. Morphing into holograms of her face, they’re laughingly taunting him, teasingly letting him think she's lost forever.

The young man stops running. He can feel the neon-glowing salvia wheel separating from his conscious mind and disappearing into the night. “What the hell is going on?” he wonders to himself. “We were watching a movie when all this shit started happening.”

Meanwhile, the young girlfriend has a look of detached bewilderment on her face as she sits grasping the glowing, gelatinous salvia structure. Her body in a red blouse is replicated into dozens and dozens of bodies in red blouses all connected together, all fusing into the expanded structure of an alien carnival ride. Sitting next to her are duplications of her, mirror copies of her. After quickly looking around, she unfastens her hands, brings them to her face, and lets out a howling SCREAM. Simultaneously, her duplicated twins SCREAM; except, when she stops screaming, her mirror twins all shake their red dresses in exhilarating laughter.

After what seems like forever, the young man finally catches up with his girlfriend. He yells at her as she rotates by.
“Hey, Jane!! I’ve been looking all over for you!!
“Get me off this fucking thing!” she yells back.

The ride finally stops and the still trembling girl says, “What WAS That. You and I were watching a movie, and now I’m on this ride. That was CRAZY. LET'S DO IT AGAIN!”
The boyfriend answers, “No way, baby. I need to get you home by midnight or your dad is going to KILL me.”


“So hopefully you get the picture, CGI man. You DID get the picture didn’t you? Or do I have to smoke another hit of 18x?”

Friday, April 6, 2012

Eyes That Were Once My Own

Psychic Land from 2veinte on Vimeo.

“Wake up, Humans. Wake up to the Truth!”
That’s what the man at the corner of 5th and Main was shouting.
“Wake Up, Humans!” he yelled again.

I turned off my Ipod and placed the ear buds in my front shirt pocket. I then walked up to him and looked into his troubled eyes.
“What are you talking about?” I asked.
He tilted his head and tried fixing his gaze on me. Through his field of vision, he watched as my body slowly rotated. Not only was my body rotating; he could see everything around me rotating in synchronization with my body. As he continued to gaze in my direction, he watched as the sidewalk rolled across his retinas, along with an attached street lamp and a blue post office box.

The man then brought his hands up to his face and began rubbing his eyes. “Don’t you understand?” he asked. “Don’t you see what’s going on all around us?”
I turned my head and surveyed the downtown area around me. Everything seemed normal for a Monday afternoon. What was I even doing talking to this guy? He was obviously a homeless man, probably a wandering schizophrenic.
I calmly said, “I don’t see anything strange.”

The man suddenly swooned and fell over onto his side in the middle of the sidewalk. Tears began rolling down his cheeks, and without talking, he raised his arm and pointed a finger at a storefront across the street. To my amazement, I could see a bright, ghost-like figure slowly moving toward us.

I took my eyes off the ghost heading in our direction and looked back down at the disheveled man. A wave of fear immediately surged through me as I saw his body quickly decomposing. Little bug-like creatures resembling robotic maggots were bubbling all over him. His body began to shapeshift. The features on his face were changing as were the clothes he was wearing. After what seemed like ten seconds, the homeless man had totally transformed into another human being.

The transformed human was now wearing the clothes of a postal worker. He opened his eyes, smiled up at me and said, “Wow, this heat must have gotten the best of me. Could you help me up?” I put my arms around his upper back and helped him to his feet. Still smiling, he said, “Thank you, sir.” I then watched him walk over to the blue mail box. He inserted a key, unlocked a small opening, and pulled out a white plastic box containing some letter mail. He grabbed the letters and placed the plastic container back inside. After relocking the mail box, he gave me a polite salute and walked away. I stood there with a complete look of amazement and confusion as he rounded a corner and was out of sight.

A frozen moment passed before I was jarred back to reality by a commotion a couple of blocks from my location. Up the street a small group of people were standing in a circle. They seemed to be looking down at something. My heart was already pumping hard, so I decided to work off some adrenaline by jogging up to them.

When I arrived, I could see an anguished woman in her early thirties sitting down on a curb. She was in the middle of a conversation and wiping her face with a tissue when she said, “They don’t want us talking about them.”
A man in the circle asked, “Who doesn’t want us talking about them?
“The salvia beings.” replied the woman. “They are the ones taking over. They’re taking over our bodies.” The woman then stood up, surveyed the people around her and said, “The salvia beings are turning us into clones. They’re replacing us with human copies. They look like people, but they're different from us.”

While I was listening to her, I lost my balance and began to stumble. I quickly grabbed the shoulder of a man next to me wearing a Yankees baseball cap. He turned his head in my direction and asked, “Mister, are you OK? Do you need some help?” There was something about his alien expression that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

I was beginning to feel very dizzy so I decided to crouch down. I tried in vain to grab hold of the ground. It felt like the whole world was rotating around me like a post apocalyptic circus ride. The entire downtown area was rotating. I couldn’t believe what was happening. It was like a scene from some futuristic movie. The woman who had been talking looked over at me with a secretive hint of concern. She held out her hand to me, but it began to stretch like taffy before I could grab it.

My mind now blacking out, I could still hear the woman’s distant audibles echoing over to me. It sounded like she was saying, “Don’t let them cover your mind with amnesia. You’ve got to hold on to your sense of self.”

But it was too late. I was already losing it. The whole downtown was rotating like some beastly gyroscope of bent buildings and twisted concrete. My hands were tingling. I could see tiny bug people sprouting all over my arms like bacteria. It then dawned on me what was happening. I was turning into a clone. I was losing my identity. I was losing my life.

The next moment my head slammed down onto the street’s hard surface. My face felt like it was spreading out into a two dimensional film stretching into infinity. I tried to close my eyes, but it was no use. A clone was already looking through the eyes that were once my own.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Reply From Jazzer 3-26-2012

The following is jazzer's reply to my 'Trippin thru 2012' 3-26-12 post:

jazzerMar 26, 2012 03:22 PM
"All my experiences line up exactly with yours. i mean in every single post... i'm like, yep... yep... check....... only I Interpret the parallel universe and "bothered beings" issues differently... I always have the perception that, when the layer of this physical world gets "rolled" away, and I am in the next world, I'm basically getting to observe the mechanical creation process of extra-dimensional stuff being passed into physical reality... like its the same universe, but salvia is allowing you to experience and observe the dimensions outside of the 3 physical dimensions IN REAL TIME, and with the perception that you are YOU, as in you get to observe it AS YOURSELF...

I have perceived surprise by these beings, that I "materialized" in their dimension... but ultimately was assisted, helpfully, out of their way, so they could keep up with the job of the "throughput" so to speak, of whatever it was they were conveying into the lowest 3 dimensions. Like, you know, when you get caught in the "roll of carpet" as you're leaving gravity? then the roll passes you on by, and you're now in this other dimension... and all these "workers" were running a big press on the other side, and pressing out this roll of carpet that ACTUALLY IS the material of 3 dimensional matter being created in real time...

you just kinda get to look at that process "behind the scenes"... and, yes, you might be in their way... but I just think their "annoyance" is just them trying to solve the logistical problem of you being in their way for a minute. the more you know that this can happen, not only do YOU adapt to the transition more skillfully, but THEY DO TOO... and you just don't get in their way anymore, or you start entering at a different spot... incidentally,coming down, the carpet rolled back over me from the way it came, and as it rolled over me, I could feel my very flesh be reconstituted in physical space. It always feels so intense, like your nerve endings are being put together out of raw material at the speed of the roll... fucking freaky, but that's what i think is going on."

Jazzer, you mention a press creating a roll of 'carpet'. This visual has been seen by countless other salvianauts. Tvsuat’s description is probably the earliest of the reports. I have seen the same thing, except that lately the roll of film-like information seems curved as if it’s actually being encoded into or extracted out of some type of massive, pressurized ball or globe. I guess we shouldn’t quibble over it being a roll or a ball, but what the hell is going on? What does this ‘thing’ contain? To me it’s a storage of realities, but I’m not sure if it’s storing the shared realities of human experience or if it’s storing some sort of quantum-fractal of hallucinogenic salvia worlds (or what I tried to define as ‘reality definitions’, definitions of potential realities before they are pressed into the hardened representation of our shared material world). Damn, this stuff is confusing.

I too have felt the prickly nerve endings. I went through a phase where I could actually feel the objects contained in my salvia visuals. Your idea about why we feel what we feel makes sense, but to me, the really hardcore experiences with salvia occur close to the beginning of the trip. It’s difficult for me to accept the idea that events at the end of the salvia trip are just as intense as events at the beginning of the trip. But, you know, now that I ponder the idea, maybe there’s enough salvinorin to produce hard core visuals late in the trip.

Anyway, great comment, jazzer.