Monday, March 26, 2012

Trippin Thru 2012 With Salvia (3-26-12)

18x -- one hit

What wazzzzz Thhhhattttttt shhhiitttttt???????

We live in an atomic world. Another world just lifted off this world like a blanket. The world that just lifted off was the salvia world. The elemental components of salvia reality are composed of electromagnetized, organic energy. Atomic elemental components are a secondary composition of reality. In other words: our material world's atomic elementals are a facade.

My heart was at the breaking point. Wow. I’m sorry to have to bring up the heart again. I waited five whole hours after eating before lighting up. Holy Shit. I underestimated the power of 18x.

The salvia world had my heart in its grip. It was close to squeezing the life out of me. This was a true near death experience. This was my heart being squeezed the fuck out.
What the hell was that shit. There was another world right on top of this world. The other world was pressed across this world like a curved, stretched out, three dimensional organic balloon. Holy shit.

There were people just like earth people alive in that other world. They were somewhat displeased with my nosing around. They knew all about the existence of multiworlds, and they weren’t too pleased that I was screwing around with the ‘expanded situation‘. By ‘expanded situation’ I mean the knowledge of more than one world co-existing in the multiverse.

The multiverse is located right here, right next to us. We are molded together like massively compressed, two-dimensional, electro-organic, curved film. Our separate worlds are compressed together like onion rings encased in electro-biological jelly.

There's an entire other world containing earth-humans. I remember people in the other world located right next to my body. It seemed like one of them had his hand around my heart ready to squeeze it like a tomato.

There’s something ontological going on with me always seeing little men all lined up. I keep seeing this visual of little men pressed against the lining of a salvia world right before it peels into/out of a succeeding/preceeding world.

Wow. I only inhaled a cautionary amount of smoke from that 18x. I wanted to take it easy, to just get my feet wet, so to speak. But right after holding in the smoke, I knew this was something powerful. I could feel it in my chest area. It felt like my whole chest was turning into cement. My heart felt like it was in a tug-of-war between two realities.

Shit. I saw many things that I’ve seen before: especially the visual of experiencing one world tightly pressed against another world right in front of my retinas. It felt like the salvia world was either peeling into or peeling right off my eFFing eyeballs.

OK. I’m pretty much down now. This was a very powerful hit of extract, even though I barely took a puff. The main thing I’m pulling out of this trip is the familiar realization of other ‘functioning’ worlds right next to our world. By ‘functioning’ I mean worlds ‘in progress’ in the same way that our material world is in progress. The people in this other world were ‘displeased’ with my presence there. They weren’t pissed off, they were just ‘bothered’, like:
“Here we go again. Another human just smoked some salvia and spotted our reality.”

Wow. If the lazy bastards in Hollywood knew of the power of experiencing other worlds adjacent to our world, they would have a massive, synchronized SHIT.

What? It’s only the beginning of March? I still have ten more months of tripping left to do. I’ll never make it. This Is Going To Kill Me.