Monday, January 30, 2012

Near Death Experience?

I did a strong hit of plain leaf mixed with 10x.
I turned off the light to my room and got into bed.
My heart was pounding; not fast, but pounding.
I saw visuals of my room as if the light was still on.
I got a strange feeling that my body was being pressed down by these heavy visuals -- that the shape of the 3D room itself was pressing down on my 2D body like a massively heavy Strong Force.

I felt like I needed to escape in order to save my life from being snuffed out. I tried but failed to lift myself up through this heavy weight in order to get out of bed so that I could re-integrate back into the 3D room


Mind you, the room was pitch black, but the visuals were of a salvia-lit room.

My body was DEADLY frozen.

I looked up at the geometrics of the room. The square ceiling : the rectangular door. All the lines in the room were like connecting strings which were not vibrating because I was

DEAD-LIKE and REMOVED from the 3D visual.

I finally FORCED myself to rise up into the vibrating geometry that was lit up by salvia light. As I arose, the visual lines or strings started to stretch forth and vibrate as my body assimilated into the 3D room


The frame of the door wasn't really part of a door. It was a linear series of little men or builder elves that constituted the door. I watched them stretch and multiply as my body rose into the web-like visual geometry.

I grasped the door knob in my salvia visual which was also the actual material door knob. I then exited my bedroom. I stood in the living room knowing that I was incorporated into reality; but I came VERY CLOSE to leaving my apartment and doing who knows what because everything was still part of the salvia trip, including the outside of my apt.

Breathing in molecules of oxygen, I stood at the boundary between two separate worlds.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Breakthrough, 2what?, 2where?

Pow. Major advancement just now. And Plain Leaf !!!
Never made it into the bedroom.. My hand froze to the door. The lights were out and my eyes were wide open. I saw this unfolding other world roll right in to my world. There was activity and people in this other world. It all seemed so matter of fact that I didn't bother to take mental notes. I didn't have a sitter and it's 3AM in my apartment complex and I'm at the intersection of two worlds with my hand morphing into the doorknob. For a split second I try to grasp the doorknob hoping that it will bring me back to my prior world, but the salvia world rolls back into my visual vista, and I'm gone again. When the salvia world rolled back in, it brought with it an ongoing scene already in progress involving me somehow. People's voices rolled into my place in space-time as if they had been talking prior to my taking the hit. I held onto the doorknob hoping not to freak out and knowing that I would be coming down soon.

This was without a doubt my best salvia experience thus far. I was in total darkness, and yet I could see everything in minute detail. This funny little plant allows us to merge with other worlds like a car merging into traffic. And I merged into a world that was already in progress. This is so much more than some typical recreational drug. But you already know that.


I experienced the whole trip while standing up in the darkness with my hand attached to the doorknob. I'm surprised I didn't fall down. I wish I had taken some mental notes, but when I'm in the salvia world, I forget how important it is to remember stuff. But there's something about two worlds merging while each is already in progress. This was much more than just 'frame stacking' and fancy brain activity. This is the cutting edge IMHO.

I'm trying to remember the process of how the salvia world materialized. It's as if a swarm of bits rolled at me like a wave, quickly ordering up out of chaos into beautifully complex visuals. Also, the bits ordered up into an audible language. Eventually an ongoing scene of alternative world activity rose up into ordered complexity. But I still can't remember exactly what was going on in this other world. But it was competing with this world and doing a damn good job of it.

And as far as the mental note taking goes.........
If you are the observer taking notes, you have to keep one foot in this world in order to process the notes. By keeping one foot in this world, you limit your ability to 'go with the flow'. So in order to experience the salvia world to the max, you need to let go of the note taking observer.


I just remembered something that I must must have blocked concerning this latest trip. I'm astounded that I'm just now remembering this. While I was standing there with my hand on the doorknob, I was seeing visuals of something circular that was spinning. It was like a large cartoony, paper-mache gear or sprocket that was moving towards me. I Could Feel It Brushing Across My Arm And Stomach As It Spun. This wasn't some vague feeling. I could feel the individual sprocket teeth hitting my body...thump, thump, thump. The gear edge felt like a spongy material. It didn't hurt but I definitely felt it. This wasn't in my mind, it was on my body. This was far, far more real than a dream. Typing about it, and experiencing it are two different things. One thing's for sure. The salvia world is becoming more and more real.