Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Material Body Is Shedding Salvia Skin

“What in the world is going on?” I asked myself.
The pipe filled with 10x residue had slipped out of my hand. With eyes closed, I sat in a half lotus position on my foam pad. My mind's eye could still see the beings peeling away from me like characters on a film screen. Their facial expressions were embedded onto its surface as the entire film peeled, or rather, billowed outwardly from my body. I watched as each successive layer of skin or film dislocated itself from my body. Each layer of skin was an entire world, a world projected onto a two dimensional curving surface. It looked like a succession of movie worlds encoded onto silken layers of fabric parachuting like snapshots outwardly from my body.

There was something deeply temporal going on as I watched these self contained worlds slipping off my body. I felt as if I had been granted the rare privilege of seeing what really happens during our experience of reality. I had gotten glimpses of this strange feeling before: the idea that the permanent experience of time is an illusion, that time is actually a succession of individual moments. But now a new feeling was sweeping over me. Not only is the permanency of time an illusion. The permanency of the material world is an illusion as well.

I tried to hold onto the memory of the beings. As they slipped away through the framework of time, they scurried around against the outer curved membranes of their worlds. Silently, as if through some sort of weightless cartoon space, I watched the different worlds slip off in succession. Each individual world contained similar human-like beings performing similar, yet not exact activities. One man looked back at me as his world tunneled away. He knew that he was a salvia being living in a salvia world, and that we would probably never see each other again.

After the visuals stopped, I picked up my small bag of 10x salvia and held it in my hand. Staring at the green substance, I wondered about all the different worlds located therein. What was the relationship between this plant and the experience of feeling successive worlds peeling off my body? Were there other humanoid beings, now unactualized, now inactivated waiting for me to light up and inhale once more? Those questions would be answered in the future: the future as a succession of moments, salvia moments constantly shedding away from my material body and out into deep space.