Saturday, December 24, 2011

"The Man Made Out of Bricks" ---a Salvia Christmas Card

The man made out of bricks began to fall apart as his body rotated counterclockwise. I tried to get out of his way, but it was too late. Without volunteering, I began to spiral after him, and we both exited the safe confines of the material world.

I felt myself in freefall. All I could see were my two arms in front of me. They were sprouting little arms, and the little arms were sprouting littler arms…
I felt myself land someplace. Was this an aluminum sidewalk?

I looked up and saw that the sidewalk was twisted up into the tip of a long snow sled. It was a scene right out of Christmas. I was in a land of elves. They were walking around as if on purpose, like they all had important jobs to do. One of the elves stopped and looked at me. A blue laser protruded out of his green eyes. The laser scanned my face vertically and then zigzagged horizontally. He then grabbed me by the hand and led me into a large, oval-shaped room.

The inside of the room was shaped like a ball, and strange figures were rotating along the curved walls of the ball’s inner surface. I could see streaming humanoids echoing like quantum reverberations. They resembled multicolored blurs. One of the blurs stopped moving, and I watched its quantum probabilities collapse inwardly like a psychedelic peacock displaying in reverse. The singularity that was left standing took the form of a man made out of bricks.

He looked like any other man except he was built out of clay bricks. He adjusted his shoulder area, looked me in the eye and said, “Man, you are out of your world.”

He went on to say, “You have entered salvia reality. Salvia reality is just like your reality except it’s not based on physical matter or space. It is a virtual world made of intelligent pixels, similar to your elements.”

I asked him why he was made of bricks. He answered that the brick motif was retrieved from my brain’s memory bank. Being Christmas time, one of my holographic neural packages was fixed on the image of Santa entering a clay brick chimney. And so the brick chimney had transformed into the man made out of bricks.

I was about to ask another question but the man made out of bricks held up his mortar hand and stopped me. He explained that the salvinorin coursing through my brain was losing its potency and that I needed to get back to the material world.

Suddenly, the three dimensional world of salvia reality compressed back into the two dimensional inner lining of the oval shaped ball. My mental eye then pulled backwards, and I began to see a replicated, triangle-shaped assemblage of silver metallic balls hanging on arms of green appendages.

Reawakening to my familiar surroundings, I found myself sitting in my living room gazing at my nearby Christmas tree….the warm salvia pipe still held tightly in my hand.
Merry Christmas.