Monday, February 20, 2012

This Shit Is For Real

(18x - one hit)

Holy Shit
It's funny how someone can sit holding a pipe in his hand and not know what is about to GO DOWN.
I saw the beings sliding away into the space between two flat membranes. The membranes were the outer boundaries of previous worlds. The beings belonged to these other worlds, these replications of our world.

That other world,..what the hell was it? It was this world, but in a continual past tense, a past tense as seen through salvia eyes.

The previous salvia versions of our present state world were more real. While they were experienced as past tense realities, they also seemed like they existed in TRUE time. It wasn't so much they were peeling into the past, the material world was peeling, or rather, DEGRADING into the present.

I actually felt slices of previous worlds tearing away the skin on my hands. I could feel the sensation of skin tearing off. The sensation of skin tearing off had something to do with the process of my body being replicated in real time as previous versions of my body were pulled off into the past.

As the previous world connected to my body tore off along with a completely attached neighborhood, I was able to watch it sliding away into a narrowing central axis. I saw previous human beings slithering away backwards into the plasma-like vortex at the center of my closed-eye field of vision. Their arms were stretched out in a gesture of farewell; plasma arms, jelly arms, neural jelly coalescing into human forms, oozing away into my central retinal vortex.

These human beings and their world(s) are connected somehow to our present place in space/time.
If this is just frame stacking, then it is Awesome and elaborate.
If this is just frame stacking, then why and how could I feel the worlds peel away like the shedding of dead skin?
What are these worlds?
Why are these worlds?
These other worlds are real. We are connected to them via some type of salvia worm hole. This shit sounds crazy.
This Shit Is For Real.

I just did another hit of 10x, this one quite strong.
I could feel the salvia world pressing down on me like a steam roller as wide as an entire neighborhood.
I was smeared along a curved ground membrane; rather, my smeared awareness was locked inside a curved ground membrane, and salvia reality was occupying the 3D space above it. Salvia reality was a carbon copy of consensus reality. It was a multi-colored real-life representation of my own physical world.

It's pitch black in my apartment, and yet my retinal awareness was witnessing a world as bright as day. It was our physical/consensus world or at least a carbon copy of it.

It's possible that I was positioned into a 2 dimensional curved space that separated our physical reality from salvia reality. Even though salvia reality seemed to be a product of my mind, I could feel it as if it had actual physical characteristics. This leads me to reconsider just how material our shared reality actually is.

When I was coming out of the experience, I physically sensed salvia reality losing its carbon copy nature and slowly transforming into a jelly-plasma-like substance. This jelly-plasma-like substance began to pull back and away from my semi conscious mind. There was no mistaking the jelly-plasma-like nature of salvia reality, especially once the hardened 3D salvia structure began to loosen up (as the salvinorin molecules lost their mojo).

Salvia reality is showing up at our doorstep as an example of the multiverse nature of true reality.
We are not alone in the universe. Layers of alternate consensus worlds occupy space right next to us.
Our mirror copies are on the other side of a cosmic steam roller the size of a city block...a city block the size of an entire world..