Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ticket to Salvia World

High Contrast - Spectrum Analyser - Official Video from Hospital Records on Vimeo.

"Excuse me."
"I said, Excuse Me."

I turned around and suddenly found myself standing in front of an amusement park. Some bloke was trying to get my attention.
"So, do you want a ticket then?"
I looked at the gentleman standing by the entrance way. Wearing a black leather cap with silver stitching, he leaned against a tall wooden box onto which was the painted face of a laughing little boy. In the gentleman's hand was a salvia ticket.

"What kind of rides do you have?" I asked.
"What kind a' rides? Look around will ya'"
I scanned the nearby area. While I didn't immediately see any rides, I did notice a column of shape shifting lego humanoids standing next to a row of green and yellow tents.

'I don't have any money." I exclaimed.
"That's alright. You won't be needing any of yer money here. Take the ticket and enjoy ya'self."

I grabbed the ticket and placed it in my pocket. Walking ahead, I began to hear the sounds of mechanical rides. It even seemed as if I could feel the rotation of the rides inside my brain.

I stopped walking, and while passively standing there, I watched a ride suddenly materialize in front of my eyes. It quickly transformed into a shiny, red merry-go-round. Beautiful, proud wooden horses stood erect waiting for me to hop on. I couldn't decide on which horse to ride, that is, until a white stallion literally caught my eye. It was staring at me.

I hopped on, and before the next beat of my heart, we began to move. The white stallion began to rock up and down, faster and faster. I held on for dear life. Everything quickly became a moving blur. I looked down and watched nervously as the white stallion slowly became transparent. I saw that it was composed of a framework of miniature white stallions, each galloping in unison.

Now the entire merry-go-round began to pivot on its axis. Instead of moving parallel to the ground, the merry-go-round started to rotate vertically. My white horse was headed directly toward the hard pavement. Before I could close my eyes, I watched the merry-go-round dissolve into the ground. Instantly, I was now on the other side of reality. I quickly looked around. I could see a ring of boys and girls laughing and clapping their hands. They all looked like Indian children that I once saw in a National Geographic magazine. They seemed to be watching me and my ride as it rotated through their world. My horse then reared its head, and we broke back through to the other side, this side, the amusement park side.

Again and again this happened. I was getting dizzy, but soon the merry-go-round began to slow down. After it came to a complete stop, I pulled myself off the white stallion.

Dazed, I began walking back to the park's entrance gate. Wearing a smile on his face, the gentleman in the black cap was waiting for me. He asked if I enjoyed myself. I answered that I had a great time, but I needed to ask a question.
"Ask it then."
"How come there isn't anyone else here in the park?"
The gentleman ran his fingertips across the whiskers on his chin and said, "Not all salvia trips are the same. Your personal experience was of a carnival ride. Some people don't even see visuals, but their experiences are, none-the-less, very profound. Be gone with ya, and come back any time."

I said goodbye, turned away, and headed towards my everyday life. After a few steps, I looked back, but the gentleman and the amusement park were gone. That was OK, though, because I knew that I would always be welcome there, in the amusement park of my mind.