Monday, May 14, 2012

Space Trip

I just did a strong hit of salvia extract. I’m all up in my head now, like some guy sitting in a wooden hut alone in the jungle. Outside in the darkness are black-lit sets of eyes trying to stare me down. My legs are crossed, and I'm spinning around. The visuals are starting to imprint onto the surface of my retinas, moving across my eyelids, one after another. Faster and faster, the ground underneath my body starts to whisk me away. I see different versions of myself sliding away into the cosmic distance. Hundreds of timestamps of my existential identity careen off like slivers of twisted metal cut by some crazy-ass meat cutter.

A weird monstrosity is approaching me as the salvinorin invades my brain. Engulfed in darkness, I watch it approach my eyelids from afar. It resembles some type of underwater rotating shipwreck. Light shimmers off its turning surface revealing neon colored, coral-like appendages swaying in my liquid, subconscious mind.

I watch this thing rotate, and as it does, it picks me up and carries me along its subsurface wake. The shipwreck is shaped like a giant wheel with spokes or connecting rods radiating outwardly from a central hub. The coral coated spokes are composed of replicating peoploids, or rather, humanoids attached together from hand to foot. The entire wheel is alive with these peoploids, and they constantly transform and shape shift along the outer surface of the wheel as it rotates through subliminal hyperspace.

While the outer rim cuts a curved path through trans-dimensional space, I suddenly feel myself being squeezed horizontally. My visual field is compressing as I lay flat on my back. It feels like a thousand ton, subsurface ship pressing down on me. My breaths are becoming shallower. My body is turning into a tightly packed, extremely gravitational, layering of parallel worlds: ...and I can't escape.

Several long seconds pass.
There's less and less rotation.
The gravitational force recedes.

Now I can sense the subconscious wheel gently let go of me. I start to fall away from the circular shipwreck, and the surface of everyday reality approaches me from above. Landing upside down back into my own world, I open my eyes and take control of my awaiting body.