Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Stream Entrant

The two agents stood silently over the patient's hospital bed. Let's name one of the men, 'G agent' and the other man, 'C agent'.
C agent looked down at the patient's face and asked,
"Who is this guy?"
G agent stopped writing in his note pad and answered,
"He's known as a stream entrant. Apparantly, there's a small community of drug users who go around calling themselves stream entrants. They claim to have been given instructions from the hallucinogenic plant, salvia divinorum.

G agent then glanced over at the other agent. "You've heard of salvia, right? You've seen the videos?"
C agent responded stiffly, "Yeah, I'm familiar with salvia."
G agent continued, "These stream entrants report seeing alternative realities and beings from other dimensions."
A smirk formed across C agent's mouth. "So what?" he laughed, "That sounds like normal druggy talk to me."

G agent placed the note pad in his shirt pocket. He then said,
"One of our informants heard about this guy writing letters to 'The New York Times' and 'The Washington Post' claiming that an alien race of interconnecting entities was getting ready to radically change the world. At first we tossed this in our fringe file, but about a month after the letters, we began to receive field reports from various nuclear silos. Maintenance crews were encountering small elf-like entities. They were connected together, like chains, throughout all the facilities. They seemed to congregate in areas where floors connected to walls, or where walls intersected with ceilings.

Wherever there was linearity, there were entities. It wasn't long before they were even found in the linear boundaries within the warheads themselves. Almost immediately, technicians began to notice that all the fusion material had been changed to crystallized silicon. Dozens of warheads were neutralized. We even started to get reports of the same thing happening in Russia, France and Israel."

The patient looked up from his hospital bed and watched the two characters conversing above him. He knew that whatever was dripping into his intravenous tube was causing major havoc with his brain's ability to function correctly. The characters' heads looked more like pixilated rocks than human heads; and there seemed to be a momentary delay between whatever they were saying and the movements of their mouths. The patient then tried to wiggle his toes, but he couldn't feel anything from his waist down.

C agent wiped the sweat from his forehead and asked,
"So how did this guy end up in the ICU? Did he have a heart attack?"
G agent looked over at the machine monitoring the patient's vitals. Then he said,
"After we learned about the nukes, we picked him up for an investigative interview. Well, during the interview, the dope decided to make a run for it, so one of our guys shot him. He was shooting for the legs, but the aim was off. Anyway, the perp was too much of a risk, and we weren't going to allow him to disappear back into the community."

While the two rock faces were still speaking their gibberish, the patient watched with fascination as little entities started to position themselves along the frame of the door leading into the hospital room from the hallway. The entities began to attach together, and they formed a ribbon leading from the door to the boundary between the walls and the ceiling. Soon, there were ribbons of entities all across the ceiling. The patient then adjusted his head slightly and saw, reflected in a window, the floor where the agents were standing. He watched as the entities crept along the floor toward the agents' shoes. It wasn't long before the connecting entities were streaming up the agents' pants legs.

The patient then slipped into unconsciousness and was unaware of the horrified screams that were soon to echo loudly throughout the hospital floor...........