Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Snapshots From a Salvia Experience

Salvi landed atop the spongy surface of a green jungle canopy. The ground underneath felt unusually springy. Salvi was sure that if he pressed hard enough, he could poke through the web-like membrane. Looking down, he gasped in disbelief after realizing that the material under his feet was actually a matrix of interlocking green monkeys. Their smiling eyes looked up at Salvi's shocked face.

Salvi quickly turned his head and looked around. Everything in the entire jungle was composed of monkeys. The tall trees were made of monkeys. Even the leaves were constructed out of tiny, interlocking, green monkeys.

Cautiously, Salvi decided to start walking, and he came upon a large clearing where he saw rows and rows of geodesic domes. He approached one of the domes and was astonished to discover that the dome was totally composed of purple monkeys -- their arms and legs outstretched along the surface of the dome, connecting together in a perfect geometric design.

As Salvi moved from one dome to the next, he watched as each monkey craned its head in order to remain in direct eye contact with him. It's as if they all wanted Salvi to know that they were aware of his presence, and that everything would continue to be peacefully familiar and secure. After a while, the life in the monkeys' eyes began to dim away, and the geodesic domes slowly collapsed to the ground.

Realizing that the molecules of salvinorin alpha were no longer passing through him, Salvi jumped up, stretched forth his arms, and tunneled into the period at the end of this sentence.